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Research On The Education Satisfaction Of Foreign Students In Jiangxi University Of Finance And Economics

Posted on:2020-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575990888Subject:International business
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In the past 40 years of reform and opening up,the education of international students has made great progress in scale and quality.However,since the launch of the“One Belt,One Road” initiative in 2013,the “Silk Road” study abroad promotion plan has been implemented,and the academic degree has been signed with 24 countries along the line.The recognition of the agreement provides an opportunity for China's study abroad education and the realization of China's foreign policy.This is also a challenge for many colleges and universities in China.With the increase in the number of students,countries and training levels in China,the management difficulty of colleges and universities has increased,which affects the quality of education services to a certain extent.We can learn from and learn from the advanced Western countries.The education management,curriculum and evaluation,school experience,management model,etc.,promote the national transformation of China's education and enhance China's influence.Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was admitted to foreign students in1995.It is one of the earliest universities in Jiangxi Province to accept foreign students.The school regards the education of international students in China as an integral part of international education.In order to ensure the quality of international students,a sound system has been established,relevant institutions have been established,relevant responsibilities of various departments have been clarified,and unique school-running characteristics have been gradually formed.Scale,but there are still some problems in the quality of educational services,failing to meet the expectations of international students for educational needs,and also affecting students' loyalty to the school.This paper mainly studies the satisfaction of international students from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics,and aims to understand whether there are differences in the educational satisfaction of foreign students in different financial institutions.The satisfaction of international students in China is an important criterion for measuring the provision of educational services in our school.As a university providing educational services,it is necessary to first grasp the satisfaction degree of the international students who provide education services and the impact of the evaluation of the satisfaction offoreign students on the education services in China.The factors found in the class factor,combined with the school's various teaching resources to improve,and comprehensively improve education services.Based on the relevant literatures on the quality of higher education services at home and abroad,the satisfaction of foreign students in education,and the theory of customer satisfaction,the author surveyed the students from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics by questionnaire survey and selected students from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics to study in China.As the research object,90 questionnaires were issued,and 81 valid questionnaires were issued.Statistical analysis was carried out on the questionnaires using SPSS23.0 software,mainly using factor analysis,validity and credibility analysis of questionnaire data,one-sample T test,difference comparison,and descriptive analysis.After factor analysis,the three factors of teaching mode,teacher ability and management level are determined.In the reliability and validity analysis of the questionnaire data,Cronbach measures various kinds of items of satisfaction teaching mode,teacher ability and management level.The cronbach`s II values are all greater than 0.70,and the overall reliability is 0.916.The internal validity values of all items are greater than 0.86.The questionnaire has good reliability and validity and can be used for formal investigation.The one-sample T test is to test the satisfaction of all dimensions to reach the general level.From the results,the students,students,and management satisfaction of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics are higher than the general level,and their teaching satisfaction is the highest,followed by Teacher ability,and finally management level.It can be seen that the school is improving the teaching and teaching ability.The management of the three dimensions should be based on improving the management level,and the teaching and teacher skills should be developed at the same time.When comparing the differences,the differences between the three dimensions of teaching mode,teacher ability and management level are compared with different genders and different grades.According to the test results,the satisfaction of male students is significantly higher than that of female students and students of different grades.There is no significant difference in the satisfaction of teachers in terms of teaching ability and management level.It can be seenfrom the null hypothesis that the management departments of colleges and universities do not pay enough attention to the service work of international students in China,the research on the courses is not enough,and the academic arrangements are not sufficient.Combined with the problems obtained by the analysis,the author proposes that the university service providers should formulate teaching plans according to different levels of international students,improve the coordination mechanism of the university management departments,strengthen the teachers to establish an efficient international student service team,and enrich the students' extracurricular life and other suggestions.
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