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Satisfaction Survey Of Postgraduates About Higher Education Services

Posted on:2018-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the Chinese government decided to enlarged the college enrollment,higher education has entered the "mass consumption" era,many students in his(her)dream campus;faced with a sudden influx of students,is the university ready?the quality of personnel training is still unabated,higher education has become the focus of attention.As the highest stage of higher education,it is the main source of the highly skilled talents in our country,postgraduate education is shouldering the burden.Because graduate education has the high cost,when education consumption obtain education services,and the quality of education service affects the student satisfaction,it also affects the quality of students,and the high school survival and honor.The principle of "students first" in Colleges and universities can ensure that the students "customers" to spend time,money "geting" the quality education service,improving consumer satisfaction,transporting talent for the social.In this paper,the author uses the research method of the questionnaire,draws on the excellent achievements of the previous students,combines with their own graduate status,,designs the scale,and explores the satisfaction of the graduate students from the perspective of educational consumption.The revised SERVQUAL scale is used to investigate the satisfaction of the graduate students in four universities in Lanzhou,the scale is divided into 5 dimensions of 18 items,the "expected-actual" model is used to calculate the average of each project and dimension score,and finally calculate the total score,using the quadrant method analysis of the advantages and opportunities.First the author uses EXCLE to encoding the data entry,and SPSS.22 to statistical analysis.The results shows the students generally are not satisfied with the service quality of higher education,and the personal background such as gender,school and schooling years have a significant impact on the satisfaction of graduate students.This paper is divided into five parts,the first part is the review of relevant knowledge,the second part introduces the related concepts and models,analysis of the third and the fourth part conduct questionnaire analysis and empirical study,finally the fifth part try to puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Postgraduate, High education services, Satisfaction, SERQUAL Model
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