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A Study On The International African Students' Education Satisfaction In D University

Posted on:2021-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330611490600Subject:African Studies
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Under the background of deepening education cooperation between China and Africa,the number of African students coming to China for higher education continues to expand,so it is of greater practical significance and higher requirements for African students coming to China to provide high-quality education services.Only by effectively improving the satisfaction of African students with China's higher education services,can china-africa education cooperation go far and far,and thus contribute to the development of china-africa relations.At the same time,it can greatly improve the quality of China's higher education services and promote the internationalization of Chinese universities.In this paper,by adopting the combination of qualitative and quantitative research hybrid approach,on the basis of reference about students' satisfaction results at home and abroad,the innovation in the students accept the education service is divided into teaching and management of services,and thus make the African students in China education service satisfaction questionnaire ",from the teaching service(classroom teaching,teachers' quality,curriculum setting,teaching other services)and management service(logistics,the construction of campus culture and other management services)a tota l of seven indicators to two dimensions,the D of African student at the university of questionnaires and qualitative interviews.Through SPSS24.0,descriptive statistical analysis,correlation analysis,variance analysis and independent sample T test were conducted on the questionnaire data to explore the status quo and influencing factors of satisfaction of overseas students in Africa.The study found that,first,the overall satisfaction of the educational services of African students coming to China is medium level,the sense of belonging in China is also medium level,while the sense of learning in China is high,so there is still some room for improvement.Second,in the two dimensions,the satisfaction score of teaching service(3.56)is higher than that of management service(3.24),but the low satisf action of management service is related to the quality of management service in Chinese universities,as well as the individual expectation and cognition of African students.Third,among the specific indicators of teaching service,the curriculum is highly satisfactory(3.78 points).It is generally believed that the curriculum is conducive to improving employment skills and academic development.Other teaching services were slightly less satisfied(3.42),with the lowest satisfaction for school practice and practice.Fourth,in terms of logistics support(3.05 points),campus culture construction(3.50 point s)and other management services(3.18 points)in management services,colleges and universities should pay more attention to the quality of management services for overseas students in Africa and pay more attention to the rational allocation of resources.Fifth,in the analysis of differences,gender,education background,Chinese language level and occupation before coming to China had significant influence on African student s' educational satisfaction,while mother tongue,religion,age,scholarship or not,and duration of coming to China had no significant influence on satisfaction.Through data analysis and combined with qualitative interviews,this article will African students in China's colleges and universities education service problems summed up as internationalization needs to improve the teaching level,international managem ent level is not high two big problems,and put forward to improve the level of inter nationalization of teaching,perfecting courses setting,optimizing international teacher growth path,the cross-cultural education awareness and ability,strengthen campus intern ationalization management,pay attention to the rationalization of resource allocation,the connotation of campus culture construction,build inclusive campus atmosphere etc.Suggestions for the improvement of education quality in colleges and universities students.
Keywords/Search Tags:African students, teaching services, management services, satisfaction
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