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Investigation And Analysis Of Junior High School Students' Learning Motivation

Posted on:2020-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330578971393Subject:Education management
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Learning motivation refers to the internal driving force of individual students to engage in learning activities,and it is the internal reason that directly promotes students to study.When students have learning motivation,they find the direction of learning,and they will take the initiative to learn new knowledge,which will affect the ultimate learning effect and achievement.Studying and analyzing students'learning motivation is very important for teachers' education and teaching.This study investigates and analyses the current situation of students'learning motivation in Xianshuigu No.3 Middle School and Xianshuigu No.5 Middle School in order to provide theoretical basis for educators to improve their teaching level.In this study,100 students were randomly selected from Xianshuigu No.3 Middle School and Xianshuigu No.5 Middle School in grade one.two and three.Zheng Richang's Learning Motivation Scale for Middle School Students(MSMT)was used as a research tool.The questionnaire includes four dimensions:learning motivation is too weak,learning motivation is too strong,learning interest and learning goal.Data were analyzed and processed by SPSS22.0.This paper makes an analysis from three aspects:the overall level of the school,the grade difference and the gender difference.Through data statistics,the scores of four dimensions of learning motivation were compared with the norm standard,and t-test was carried out.The results show that:(1)Xianshuigu students in the third middle school face more serious problems in learning motivation than Xianshuigu students in the fifth middle school,which are manifested in three main aspects:too strong learning motivation,learning interest and learning objectives.(2)Students of different genders perform differently in different dimensions of learning motivation.Boys are more serious than girls in learning motivation;girls are more serious than boys in learning interest;boys and girls have the same severity in learning motivation and learning goal.(3)The students of different grades show inconsistency in different dimensions of learning motivation,and there is interaction with schools in individual dimensions.In the two dimensions of motivation and learning interest,,students show different grade characteristics,while in the two dimensions of motivation and learning goal,students face the same severity of problems in learning motivation.The results of this study can be used for reference by the educational administrators of the two schools to find ways to stimulate students'learning motivation and help them improve their teaching level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Junior middle school student, learning motivation, learning interest, learning target
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