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The Panel Threshold On The Effects Of Human Capital And Technological Progress On The Rationalization And Optimization Of Industrial Structure

Posted on:2020-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330590458605Subject:Western economics
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Human capital and technological progress are important factors for the evolution of different regional industrial structure.Based on the data of 30 provinces and municipalities in 2004-2016,the article uses the DEA-Malmquist index to separate the pure technological progress level,and introduces the labor capital level of labor.Under the same framework,the panel threshold model is used to verify and analyze the two.The impact of advanced industrial structure and rationalization of industrial structure,and explore its heterogeneity from a regional perspective and economic development level.The research results show that:(1)The speed of industrial structure rationalization depends on the degree of matching between human capital level and local industrial structure,and the speed of industrial structure is more dependent on the matching degree between human capital level and technological progress level.(2)The influence of technological progress on the upgrading of industrial structure is partly transmitted through human capital,which leads to its promotion of the industrial structure advanced by the limitation of the high level of human capital,and the high level of human capital flows to the highly developed eastern region.This has led to a slowdown in the upgrading of industrial structure in the central region that has benefited from technology spillovers.(3)Human capital and technological progress have a non-linear effect on the rationalization of industrial structure and the upgrading of industrial structure: the adverse impact of human capital on the rationalization of industrial structure will be transformed into a promotion after crossing the threshold;the level of human capital will be advanced to the industrial structure.There is always a non-linear impetus in service-oriented;the level of technological progress has a nonlinear effect on the advanced and rationalized industrial structure.(4)The higher the level of economic development,the weaker the impact of human capital level and technological progress on the rationalization of industrial structure;the promotion of the industrial structure in the eastern provinces with high levels of economic development will be enhanced after crossing the threshold;regardless of the level of economic development,The promotion of technological advancement to the advancement of industrial structure is reduced after crossing the threshold.The research of the article has important reference significance for promoting labor mobility,improving regional human capital level,accelerating industrial structure adjustment speed and technological innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technological progress, Human capital, Advanced industrial structure, Rationalization of industrial structure
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