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Research On The Development Strategy Of Secondary Vocational Education In Liangshan Prefecture

Posted on:2019-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330590492665Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province(hereinafter referred to as "Liangshan Prefecture")is one of the "hard bones" of the country's poverty alleviation one of the "three districts and three states".The important reason for its poverty is the low level of labor.The lower level of labor restricts the dissemination and promotion of technology and cannot promote the development of economy.Secondary vocational education is an important way to help Liangshan Prefecture promote the transformation and upgrading of labor force in a short period of time.Therefore,vigorously promoting the development of secondary vocational education in Liangshan Prefecture is of great practical significance for poverty alleviation in Liangshan Prefecture.This paper firstly reviews the research on the development of vocational education both at home and abroad,and defines and introduces the related concepts and theories involved in this paper.By field research,it concludes that there are some problems existing in the secondary vocational education in Liangshan Prefecture,including the inappropriate implementation of policy,poor conditions for running schools,poor conditions of teaching groups,poor faculty,insufficient number and quality of students,low level of cooperation between schools and enterprises,and low quality of student employment.The thesis further analyzes of the causes of problems from the perspective of the government,the market demand,and the talent supply.The problems and reasons are correspondingly proposed from the government,enterprises and schools.The government should strengthen the legislative propaganda to enhance the social status of secondary vocational education,construct the main structure of diversified education payment,and ensure the funding of secondary vocational education.The vocational school has upgraded the overpass,implemented the "controlling and guaranteeing school" linkage mechanism to ensure the source of students,and deepened the five recommendations of "distributing the service" to the secondary vocational schools for more autonomy in running schools;enterprises should improve their sense of social responsibility,change the concept of employing people,and actively participate.Construction of Liangshan Prefecture Secondary Career Education;Liangshan Prefecture Secondary Vocational School should deepen the cooperation between schools and enterprises,focus on the development of vocational education group,run schools,adjust the professional layout to the market,strengthen the construction of teaching staff,and transform the school-running concept and orientation of Liangshan Prefecture secondary vocational schools through measures such as teaching information construction.To improve the quality of personnel training in secondary vocational education in Liangshan Prefecture.This paper mainly uses the comparative research method,the case study method,the questionnaire survey method and some other methods to analyze the problems and influencing factors of the secondary vocational schools in Liangshan Prefecture,and puts forward relevant measures in combination with the anti-poverty theory and the human capital theory to promote the secondary vocational education in Liangshan Prefecture in order to develop the education of secondary vocational education in Liangshan Prefecture,improve the quality of personnel training in secondary vocational education,improve the overall quality of Liangshan Prefecture's labor force,and then promote the development of local industries and economy.Finally,it can achieve the goal of poverty alleviation.At the same time,the author hopes that the research results of this paper can have some effects on the secondary vocational education in other poverty-stricken areas in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Liangshan Prefecture, secondary vocational education, development strategy, quality of talent training
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