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Study On Practical Teaching Quality Of Full-time Engineering Master Based On Students' Persperctive

Posted on:2019-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In order to meet the needs of the society for high-level application-oriented professionals,China has expanded its enrollment of full-time master degree students(referred to as full-time master students)for fresh graduates in 2009.Since then,the engineering master student source has started to shift from incumbents to undergraduates who lack the work experience and practical abilities.The structure of their students has undergone major changes.This change has caused the full-time masters degree in engineering practice to be improved urgently.Practical teaching is an indispensable part of the cultivation of full-time engineering masters.It is an important part of the teaching system.Establishing a scientific and effective evaluation system of practical teaching quality,finding out the problems in practical teaching and improving and perfecting it in time are the key points to ensure and improve the practice teaching quality of full-time engineering masters and achieve the goal of talent training.Therefore,in this study,the full-time engineering master's practical teaching quality evaluation is taken as the research subject,CIPP model is the theoretical framework,and a full-time engineering master's practical teaching quality evaluation index system is established based on the student's perspective.The index system was revised through empirical research.The index system constructed includes four first-level indicators: the background of practical teaching,the allocation of practical teaching resources,the practice teaching process and the results of practical teaching.And 9 second-level indicators,including: the goal of learning objectives,the input of teachers,the input of funds and material resources,the organization and guarantee,the practice of teaching contents,the teaching process,the learning process,the degree examination and the improvement of student's literacy.According to the purpose and characteristics of this study,we use the above index system,combined with analytic hierarchy process(AHP)and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to take Beijing University of Technology as an example to make an empirical assessment of the present state of full-time engineering master's practical teaching quality.The research aims to take students as a starting point to understand the actual perception of full-time engineering masters in practical teaching activities.And further analysis of full-time engineering master's practical teaching problems,and put forward all-round,targeted promotion strategy to promote full-time master of engineering practice teaching quality improvement.Based on the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation data,we can find that the final score of students' evaluation of practice teaching is 3.388,which shows that students are generally satisfied with the current practice teaching(5 points are very satisfied),and "learning process" "practice Teaching curriculum "," organizational security " score lower.According to the results of further research,it is found that there are such problems as "unreasonable course structure","failure of students to effectively participate in practice" and "lack of communication between theoretical courses and practical aspects" in practice teaching of full-time engineering masters.The essential reasons for these problems are the lack of emphasis on practical teaching in schools,the separation of theory and practice,and the lack of perfect systems and management by themselves.According to the previous research and the data analysis results later,some suggestions are put forward,such as carrying out case teaching,optimizing the curriculum structure,changing the teaching concept of engineering practice,promoting the effective participation of students,adopting diversified theoretical and practical organizational principles,Improve the convergence of courses and so on.Through the implementation of the above improvement measures,the teaching quality construction goal of "breaking through key issues,improving practical ability and comprehensively improving quality" will be reached.
Keywords/Search Tags:Full-time master of engineering, practice teaching quality, index construction, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
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