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Research On The Effects Of College Students' Peer Relationship On Academic Motivation Based On The Self-Determination Theory

Posted on:2019-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330593950868Subject:Applied Economics
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The higher education scale of China has ranked the first place in the world.Our country is deepening the reform of higher education to improve the quality of higher education gradually and realize the connotation development of higher education.The essential question that needs to be solved firstly in higher education reform is what kind of people to be trained,how to train and who to train for.At present,the mode of educating students in our country universities mainly emphasize the external factors such as rewards,punishments and competitions.These make college students to produce academic behavior passively,lack of the cultivation of college students' academic interests,and prevent the formation of their autonomy academic motivation.Academic motivation is the direct driving force of college students' academic behavior.Self-determination theory is a positive cognitive motivation theory that emphasizes the potential of human psychological development is innate,and the formation of individual motivation is self-determined.In previous studies,many scholars discussed the effects of parents or teachers on students' academic motivation.This paper through the lens of self-determination theory,and combine with the academic characteristics of college students,to explore the effects of peer relationship for students' individual academic motivation.This paper firstly summarizes the research status of self-determination theory,peer relationship and academic motivation.Then,on this basis,the paper builds a research model of the relationship between college students' peer relationship,perceived basic psychological needs support and academic motivation,and puts forward research hypotheses.564 college students from five universities in Tianjin were selected as respondents to participate in this questionnaire investigation.Finally,through the regression and structural equation model methods,the study conducts empirical analysis of research model,verifies the research hypothesis and gets the research conclusions.The results show that: Peer relationship of college students has positive effects on the perceived basic psychological needs support;College students perceived basic psychological needs support has significant positive effects on their autonomy academic motivations,and almost has no significant effects on the controlled academic motivations.Therefore,the good peer relationships can promote college students' autonomy academic motivation.These will provide some effective references for our country universities to cultivate college students' autonomy academic motivations,and improve the quality of college students.
Keywords/Search Tags:Self-Determination Theory, Academic Motivation, Peer Relationship, Basic Psychological Needs
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