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Self-determination Theory Promotes The Physical Exercise Of Overweight Girls In Junior High School

Posted on:2020-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330572997765Subject:Physical Education
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The physical and mental health development of junior high school girls is a problem that we cannot ignore.Their heavy study burden,short time for daily physical activities,sedentary sitting and lack of physical exercise lead to many junior high school girls' low physical quality and increasingly bloated body shape,which have brought many negative impacts on their physical and mental health development.Therefore,we should help children to take more physical exercise.At this stage,the overweight rate of junior high school girls in our country is increasing year by year.Overweight brings too much inconvenience to our life and also causes many physical diseases.These problems need our attention and solution urgently.The main reason why most junior high school girls are overweight is that they don't often take physical exercise,can't insist on physical exercise,and are not interested in physical exercise.How to promote this group to take part in physical exercises frequently and improve their interest in physical exercises is a problem that needs to be considered and tried to change.Because the theory of self-determination is a theory that helps people choose individual behavior according to their own preferences,interests,etc.Therefore,based on the theory of self-determination,this study investigates and analyzes how to promote overweight girls in junior high school to take part in physical exercise according to the revised questionnaire on motivation of physical exercise.Through questionnaire survey and design experiments,this study helps this group to take exercise and analyzes and discusses the results,thus helping them to take the initiative to take part in exercise,love physical exercise and stick to it for a long time,enhance physical quality and ensure the healthy development of body and mind.In this study,overweight girls in junior high school are taken as the research object,with questionnaire survey and teaching experiment as the main subjects.spss 21.0 is used to analyze the data of exercise motivation of overweight girls in junior high school.The results are as follows:1.According to the motivation of overweight girls,the measured data of the experimental class is higher than that of the control class,and the difference is significant.This shows that the application of the self-determination theory in the teaching design of the physical education class and the teaching experiment haveobviously improved the motivation of overweight girls in junior high school and their interest and confidence in physical exercise.2.With regard to the motivation of overweight girls in junior high school,we find that the choices of overweight girls in junior high school are mainly health,fun and socializing,while the requirements for ability are not as important as the former.After the experimental intervention of self-determination theory teaching,the internal motivation of overweight girls in junior high school has been enhanced,and the external motivation has been reduced and transformed into internal motivation.Overweight girls in junior high schools may need teachers to meet their independent needs and relationship needs in class,which is more helpful to help them improve their joy for physical exercise.
Keywords/Search Tags:Self-determination theory, overweight girls in junior high school, basic psychological needs, motivation for physical exercise
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