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Research On The Quality Assurance System Of New Zeal And Initial Teacher Education From The Perspective Of Polycentric Governance Theory

Posted on:2020-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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New Zealand is known for its high quality education.In the OECD PISA test,the outstanding performance of New Zealand students has attracted world wide attention.The quality of students is closely related to the quality of teach ers,and the quality of teachers is high quality and teachers.Education is close ly related,and New Zealand has included higher education,including initial tea cher education,as an important engine for New Zealand's economic developme nt.Strict international standards have attracted a large number of international students.The high quality of initial teacher education is inseparable from the o peration of the quality assurance system behind it,exploring the experience an d reasons of New Zealand initial teacher education quality assurance system,s o that we can further think about and inspired the problems of initial teacher education quality assurance system.This paper constructs a polycentric model of New Zealand initial teacher e ducation quality assurance system through polycentric Governance Theory,that is,from the government,university and social subjects,to explore the Ministry of Education(MOE),the Tertiary Education Commission(TEC)and New Zea land Quality Agency(NZQA)is the main body of the government,and the thr ee main bodies,the social subjects represented by the Teaching Council(TCA NZ),the Committee on University Academic programmes(CUAP),and the thir d-party organization of the Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Univers ities(AQA).Exploring the role of each subject in the quality assurance of init ial teacher education in New Zealand and the complex relationship between the various subjects.The New Zealand government develops policies primarily through the Mini stry of Education and uses the financial leverage of TEC's grants to strategicall y develop the quality of initial teacher education.NZQA is responsible for ma naging the New Zealand Qualifications Framework(NZQF)and setting univer sity admission standards,university professional approvals and Standards such a s certification provide administrative accountability for the quality of initial teac her education.In general,the New Zealand government is more about a macro-coordination of the overall quality of initial teacher education.The social subjects represented by third-party organizations are more responsible and accountable for the quality of initial teacher education in New Zeala nd from a professional and academic perspective.The teaching committee is re sponsible for the examination,supervision and review of the teacher education profession and the formulation of graduation standards.In order to make the te acher education major meet the general requirements of the university,CUAP c onducts the examination and approval of the teacher education major on the ba sis of the examination and approval of the teaching committee.This is also th e premise that the teacher education major is included in the NZQF and the T EC grant is granted;AQA is responsible for The overall academic quality of t he university is reviewed to promote the overall academic quality of the univer sity.Each small entity within the social body has its own division of labor.Th ere are cooperation and checks and balances to jointly guarantee the quality of teacher education.As a teacher training institution,the New Zealand autonomous university h as direct responsibility for the quality of initial teacher education.New Zealand universities mainly focus on the quality of students,the quality of courses an d teaching,the quality of teaching,the evaluation of courses and teaching,and the quality of teachers.Several aspects are used to escort the quality of initia l teacher education in the actual school.This high degree of self-consciousness of the university is mainly due to the marketization of initial teacher educatio n and the pressure of multi-party accountability,forcing the university to maint ain the high quality of teacher education in the fierce competition and multi-fo cal attention to gain the advantage of running a school.It can be seen that in New Zealand's initial teacher education quality assu rance,there are multiple entities of government,university and society,and wit hin the big subject,there is a small multi-level subject.These subjects are inte rtwined and form a coordination and cooperation.The intricate connection of e lbows to counterbalance.Together,they are committed to the realization of the quality objectives of initial teachers' education,thus forming a polycentric gov ernance pattern of self-governance,multi-subject participation and power multi-d irectionality.
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