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Study On The Construction For Internal Quality Assurance System Of Higher Vocational Colleges In Sichuan From The Perspective Of Diagnosis And Improvement

Posted on:2021-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X R ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330611968625Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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China firmly implemented the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education,and has always placed education in the position of priority development.Higher vocational education shoulders the important mission of cultivating and transmitting highly-skilled talents that are sorely needed for socio-economic development.With the rapid development of "elite-popularization-universalization" of higher education in China,higher vocational education in China has ushered in a period of 20 years of development since 1999.Today,higher vocational education has occupied half of the country's higher education.During these 20 years,the state,locality,and society have invested huge sums of money.The hardware,infrastructure,experimental training,number of teachers,and scale of running schools in China's vocational colleges have greatly improved,but they are still facing Social recognition,quality of personnel training,lack of quality assurance systems and other outstanding issues.Therefore,the Ministry of Education started to promote the diagnosis and improvement of the internal quality assurance system of higher vocational colleges five years ago,aiming to build and improve the network,full coverage,strong early warning functions and incentives through a full staff and full process participation method.The role of internal quality assurance system to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of vocational education in China,and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of vocational colleges.As of June 2019,there are 74 full-time colleges in Sichuan Province.The author visited the Higher Education Department of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education and the Sichuan Expert Committee on Diagnosis and Improvement several times,and participated in observing the relevant work process of the first batch of 4 universities in Sichuan Province to review,review,and analyze the internal quality of Sichuan higher vocational colleges The first-hand materials of the diagnosis and reform of the guarantee system,consulted and comprehended the relevant documents of the national and Sichuan education authorities,and studied the relevant domestic and international research results and papers.On the basis of the above work,this paper proposes that the diagnosis and reform of the internal quality assurance system in higher vocational colleges in Sichuan Province is still in the exploratory stage.There are lack of initiative in the colleges,the system has not yet achieved vertical and horizontal penetration,the lack of quality culture,and the "target chain" And the "standard chain" setting is irrational,the information platform is lagging behind,and the diagnosis and reform results are not effectively applied.In response to these problems,this thesis proposes to Sichuan higher vocational colleges to clarify the subject status of the school,strengthen the theoretical learning of all members,scientifically build the internal quality assurance system framework,and establish modern quality when constructing an internal quality assurance system under the perspective of diagnosis and reform Several targeted suggestions such as culture,precise creation of the "two chains",speeding up the construction of information platforms,improving the incentive mechanism and strengthening restraint and accountability.At the same time,it also proposed to the provincial education authorities and college organizers to give more attention to the guidance of the internal quality assurance system diagnosis and reform of higher vocational education,pay more attention to the effective use of the results of the diagnosis and reform,and encourage social third-party organizations(including industry companies)to conduct diagnosis and supervision Wait for a few policy suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher vocational college, internal quality assurance system, diagnosis and improvement, "two chain" building, quality culture
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