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Dynamic Study Of The Growth Group

Posted on:2019-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W H HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330563485385Subject:Master of Social Work
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"Nanhai Dongting project" is a teenager social work service,Which was fund by D Town Social Work Committee of Nanhai and Dongting community.The project entrusted social worker agency to provide professional social work services for 12-25 years old teenagers in their communities and schools in the form of government purchase projects.The youth leader growth group is part of the project,The group aim to promote youth community participation,and I am responsible for planning and executing it.During the process of carrying out the group and tracking the team members to provide services for the community,the dynamic change of the group aroused my thinking.As a reflexive study,this paper will illustrate the changing process of growth group dynamics from the perspective of group worker,Basing on the group dynamics theory,This paper takes the young leaders' growth group of the Dongting project as a case study.The thesis collects the data by participatory observation and semi structured interview.,Starting with the definition of group dynamics,The thesis takes group dynamic factors as the dimension of dynamic change of the analysis group,and reveals the process of growth dynamic change on the whole.First of all,growth group as a driving force for the formation of human group is a dynamic process of enhancing the willingness of group members to interact under the guidance of social workers.The fluctuation of growth group dynamics is a "trouble" process that a group must go to maturity under the influence of many bad dynamic factors.The driving force of growth group is social worker's effective use of power intervention strategy and team member's positive adjustment process based on individual growth.On the basis of the complete motivation of the group,the author constructs the dynamic analysis model of the growth group with the group worker intervention strategy,the growth group factor,the group dynamic factor and the output result.In combination with other types of group dynamic research,it is found that the motivation of the growth group is the result of the interaction between the target dynamics and the interaction power of the growth group "field",and its dynamics show the characteristics of lag and stability.Finally,the author gives some practical suggestions on how to respond to the plight of the growth group,which contains the group dynamic assessment,the impact of the team motivation on the group and the team members,the flexible group leadership style and the growth of the individual team members.
Keywords/Search Tags:growth group, group dynamic factors, dynamic analysis model
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