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Research On Employment Effect Of Undertaking International Service Outsourcing In China

Posted on:2020-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330578481557Subject:International Trade
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In the 21 st century,service outsourcing has accelerated the flow of services on a global scale through Internet information technology,enriching the diversity of service trade formats,and has developed into a leading mode of service trade,which has increasingly promoted a country's economic growth,especially employment growth.It has become a concern as the fastest growing sector of service trade.In particular,it has become the main path for developing countries and emerging economies to develop modern service industries,effectively driving the expansion of employment scale and the inter-industry flow of employed people,and relying on its ever-increasing information technology carrying capacity,business value-added,and highly skilled personnel.Advantages such as employment absorption capacity have become a powerful booster for the expansion of employment scale and the optimization and upgrading of employment structure in a country.China is in the period of economic transformation and upgrading.The contradiction between supply and demand of employment and the structural contradiction of employment is particularly prominent.Therefore,this paper focuses on the two aspects of employment quantity and employment structure,and theoretically and empirically explores the dual impact of China's international service outsourcing on employment.First of all,from the literature review and theoretical analysis,there is a close relationship between international service outsourcing and employment.Based on the theory,this paper analyzes the status quo of China's international service outsourcing and the status quo of employment,and preliminarily judges the relationship between the two,laying the foundation for the following research hypothesis.In the current situation,we see that China's international service outsourcing is experiencing the trend of expanding scale,optimizing business structure and expanding the international market.There are also problems such as high proportion of SMEs,slow increase of added value of business,and insufficient supply of high-end talents.In the employment market,the contradiction between employment supply and demand and the adjustment of employment structure after the rural population base is large and the demographic dividend is gradually disappearing is still prominent in the structural adjustment of the industrial structure adjustment,labor skill level and job mismatch.Then,by discussing the mechanism of undertaking the impact of international service outsourcing on employment,combined with the status quo,this paper puts forward three research hypotheses about the employment effect of international service outsourcing.Finally,the relevant data from 2003 to 2017 are selected,and the VAR model is constructed to empirically test the research hypotheses mentionedabove and to obtain the measurement results by combining the robustness test,that is,to undertake the international service outsourcing to inhibit the employment growth in China,but the employment industry Structural and employment skill structures produce varying degrees of positive effects.Furthermore,the in-depth analysis of the measurement results is carried out in combination with the status quo,and the advantages and disadvantages are summarized from the perspectives of China's international service outsourcing and employment in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:International service outsourcing, Employment quantity effect, Employment structure effect
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