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Analysis On The Influence Which Developing Service Outsourcing Has On The College Students' Employment

Posted on:2012-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2217330368983507Subject:Social security
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Service outsourcing industry is an intellectual-talents-intensive and modern service industry, which is characteristics of high information-technology-involved capacity, high added value and providing more employment opportunities. To promote the development of service outsourcing powerfully is of great significance to reaching the goal of facilitating employment. This essay analyzes the employment influence that service outsourcing brings about and the confusing situation facing universities in terms of training qualified personnel for service outsourcing so as to propose a series of suggestions to solve the problem.Those college grads have difficulty finding a job is a vital problem our country faced with for the moment. Studies show that promoting the development of service outsourcing can bring about employment growth, skill excluding effects and educational training effects which increase the employment rate of college grads. Fujian has a competitive advantage in terms of developing service outsourcing, but there are many problems remaining to be solved in terms of training qualified personnel for it in this Province. How to tackle these problems and increase employment opportunities for college students should be the important point of advancing the job hunting for college students in Fujian.Consequently, it is thought in the essay that we should gather the power of government, society and universities as possibly as we can, meanwhile we should make the most of the upper hand that Fujian is located near Taiwan to promote the development of service outsourcing through establishing a reasonable, high-efficient training brains system of service outsourcing to advance the opportunities for college grads.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service outsourcing, graduate employment, employment effect, training difficulties
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