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Research On The Development Of Social Sports Organization In Beitaipingzhuang Area Of Beijing

Posted on:2014-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J N WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330398953990Subject:Physical Education and Training
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According to the State Council“National Fitness Program (2011--2015)”on the‘National Fitness organization network more perfect’request,in order to perfectBeitaipingzhuang regional sports organization management,provides the reference forthe organization construction promote the grass-roots sports organization development.Use the method of literature, and actual visits, interviews and questionnaire surveys, andmathematical statistics method and other methods to investigate the Beitaipingzhuangrange within the sports social organization construction of the development of thesituation, analyze its problems, and put forward relevant recommendations.The main conclusions of this study are as follows:1Beitaipingzhuang regional sports social organization system have been buildingshape of the organizations, which contains a widely rang of sports,as many as24species.The college students and community sports organizations hold a large number,and sportsorganizations development of staff and workers is not balanced. Among them,sports clubactivities in school students carry out better,3colleges have about27students sportsorganization,which open project widely and student participation is higher. Number ofcommunity sports organizations is up to29,but the distribution is not average,only15of38community have sports organizations. Sports organization of workers unitsconcentrated in several school. There are four sports organization registered in the CivilAffairs Department,and all of the four are based on the schools with rich p.e. resources;2Beitaipingzhuang regional sports social organizations and activities do goodeffect;3Most of Beitaipingzhuang regional social sports organizations are peoplespontaneously,with smaller scale,show large dependence to the upper management itsdevelopment is limited by funding,venues,facilities,sports instructors and the internaldivision of labor and other conditions. Most sports organizations of workers unitactivities confined to the unit,lack of communication to the superior departments inindustry system and other sports social organizations;4Government sports management pattern is not perfect,it is difficult for theeffective management and support to the sports organizations;5Beitaipingzhuang government should enhance the joint of the area giving full playto regional advantages make full use of the college sports resources to create theconditions for the cooperation and development of community sports organizations andthe university staff student sports organization.Suggestions: 1To improve the Beitaipingzhuang government internal management,build a cleardivision of labor,increase the sports social organization support;2Perfect Street cooperate with area colleges and universities mechanism strengthenties with the large units,master all kinds of sports organization development institution inthe area;3Develop regional sports organization strengthen the contact use the sportsresources effectively.
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