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The Situation Of Learning Satisfaction Of S Normal University Students And Its Promotion Advice

Posted on:2020-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330602957471Subject:Higher Education
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As one of the undergraduate education,normal education plays a decisive role in cultivating teachers.The construction of the teaching staff is inseparable from the support of teachers' education universities and pedagogical majors.The sample school,as a normal school,should take the initiative to undertake the responsibility of cultivating superior teachers.Paying attention to the learning satisfaction of students,especially normal students,is the foothold of the sample school to improve teaching quality and service quality.Therefore,the sample school should test the learning satisfaction of normal students to adjust the future development direction of the school and improve the service quality.In this study,The data of normal,non-normal major and free normal students in the sample school shows that 45% of the students participating in the survey have high satisfaction,49% of the free normal students have higher learning satisfaction,47% of normal students have higher learning satisfaction,and 41% of non-normal students have higher learning satisfaction.Student satisfaction is not affected by the student's professional attributes,subject categories,and student grades.At the same time,student satisfaction is also influenced by the teachers' teaching style and curriculum.Therefore,the author proposes the following suggestions: the sample school establishes specific professional training objectives,maintains the characteristics of teachers;defines the discipline orientation and combines the development of different disciplines;improves the infrastructure construction of the school and the utilization of hardware facilities;integrates and optimizes classroom teaching content,and innovates classroom teaching methods;strengthens the construction of the school's teaching staff and improves the teaching level of teachers;pays attention to students' demands and improves service awareness and quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:normal students, free normal students, non-normal students, learning satisfaction, investigation
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