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Research On The Effect And Countermeasures Of China's Service-oriented Transformation Of Manufacturing Industry On Employment Structure

Posted on:2021-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Manufacturing industry is the key industry of economic development and the cornerstone of national economy.Since the second half of last century,many manufacturing enterprises in developed countries began to improve product quality and competitiveness through service-oriented development.At present,the service transformation of manufacturing industry has become an important way for manufacturing industry to adapt to the new competitive environment and promote sustainable development.The emergence and development of service-oriented transformation of manufacturing industry has a significant impact on the manufacturing industry itself and industrial structure,and this impact has gradually spread to social division of labor and employment and other fields.Employment has always been the focus of social economy because it is related to the development of national economy and people's livelihood.The coordination of service transformation and employment structure of manufacturing industry is closely related to the steady progress of service transformation of manufacturing industry and the solution of employment problems.From the perspective of the development process of manufacturing service in developed countries,the current stage of manufacturing service has gradually changed into the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry.According to the current situation of China's manufacturing service development,although China has started the transformation of manufacturing service in recent years and made some achievements,there is still a big gap compared with western developed countries.At the same time,there are few researches on the impact of manufacturing service transformation on employment structure in China,but in the current situation that manufacturing service has gradually become an important choice for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises,the research on the impact of manufacturing service on employment structure is particularly important.In view of the above problems,this paper analyzes the service-oriented manufacturing industry and its impact on employment structure,and then puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.First of all,this paper adopts the literature analysis method to sort out and analyze the previous literature on the service transformation of manufacturing industry and its impact on employment,clarify the depth of previous research on the service transformation of manufacturing industry and its impact on employment structure,so as to set the research angle of this paper on the impact of service transformation of manufacturing industry on employment.Secondly,through the combing of the relevant theoretical basis and the analysis of the historical evolution of the service-oriented development of the manufacturing industry,the development status of the service-oriented manufacturing industry is clear.Thirdly,this paper analyzes the mechanism of service transformation of manufacturing industry and its impact on employment structure,which lays the foundation for the follow-up empirical analysis.Next,this paper uses the input-output method to define and measure the service-oriented development level of China's manufacturing industry,and makes a specific descriptive analysis of China's employment structure.And through the construction of a model from the service-oriented transformation of manufacturing industry on the industrial employment structure,industrial employment structure,labor quality to analyze the changes in the employment structure and the existing problems.Finally,according to the quantitative data analysis,the optimization suggestions are put forward,which focus on the development of service transformation of manufacturing industry and the change of employment structure.Through the above research,we can draw the following conclusions: first,there is a gap between China's manufacturing service level and developed countries,and the overall trend is fluctuating;second,the impact of China's manufacturing service on the employment structure is reflected in three aspects: industry,industry and labor quality.On the one hand,the manufacturing service transformation results in the number of manufacturing employment On the other hand,the service-oriented transformation of manufacturing industry causes uneven employment in producer service industry,among which the employment in information technology industry is most affected by the change of service-oriented level of manufacturing industry;in addition,the serviceoriented transformation of manufacturing industry causes the change of labor quality structure of manufacturing industry,and the proportion of high-quality labor force increases significantly.Therefore,in order to promote the service transformation of China's manufacturing industry and optimize the employment structure,we need to guide the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry and the service industry,enhance the employment absorption capacity of the industry,and at the same time,intensify the personnel training to solve the structural contradiction between supply and demand of labor force.
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