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Study On The Quality Of Talents Training In Finance And Economics Of Secondary Vocational Education In Fujian Province

Posted on:2020-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y ZengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330623960376Subject:Vocational and technical education
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At present,China's education has entered an era with the core goal of improving the quality of education.As an important part of China's education,vocational education has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life.Especially in the "five areas overlay" background,the rapid economic development of Fujian Province,Vocational Education Finance-Business Talents ushered in a major historical opportunity,but also personnel training put forward new requirements.In 1978,Comrade Deng Xiaoping emphasized at the National Education Work Conference the restoration and development of the national economy and the establishment of a link between secondary vocational schools and technical schools.Then,the Ministry of Education issued a multi-project work to promote the pilot reform of secondary vocational education.China's secondary vocational education has been in full swing,and entered the golden age of secondary vocational education in the late 1990 s.As of 2018,although the situation of secondary vocational education has declined,it is still the main body of vocational education in China.There are a total of 11,700 vocational colleges in the country,including 10,300 secondary vocational education schools,with a total enrollment of 5,594,100,accounting for 41.37% of the enrollment in high school.The number of students enrolled is 15.518 million.The employment rate of graduates has remained for 10 consecutive years.above 95.This paper deeply analyzes the current situation of the cultivation of financial,economic and trade talents in secondary vocational education in Fujian Province,and combines the development of overall vocational education in Fujian Province,and finds that the current demand for financial and economic talents in Fujian Province is large and the supply is small;the professional setting is ambiguous,professional construction The quality is uneven;the number of secondary finance and economic schools is small,the school's financial color is weak;the quality of the teaching staff needs to be further improved.Further,this paper analyzes the opportunities and new requirements for the training of financial,business and trade talents in secondary vocational education.On thisbasis,it summarizes the experience and measures of the quality improvement of vocational education talents at home and abroad,and summarizes the five inspirations for the quality improvement of the middle school finance,business and trade talents.In order to better provide reference for the quality improvement of middle-class financial,economic and trade talents in Fujian Province,the paper has constructed one level indicator and three second level indicators from three aspects: talent training foundation,talent training conditions and talent training.The 9-level three-level index and 22 four-level indicators of the Fujian Province middle-class financial economics and trade personnel training quality evaluation index system,theoretically discuss the quality training indicators.Finally,based on the actual situation of Fujian Province,combined with domestic and foreign experience,this paper proposes five countermeasures to promote the quality improvement of middle-class financial,economic and trade talents in Fujian Province:improving teaching conditions and enhancing vocational training;strengthening professional construction and improving professional education Level;improve the level of teachers,build a team of elite teachers;optimize top-level design,improve financial support policies;timely follow-up and improve tracking and feedback.
Keywords/Search Tags:financial and trade commerce, the quality of talent training, evaluation index
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