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A Study On The Quality Evaluation Index Of Undergraduate Education Focusing On The Quality Of Talent Training

Posted on:2019-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330548964235Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Since the expansion of college enrollment in 1999,the scale of undergraduate education in our country has rapidly expanded,and the quality of undergraduate education has become a hot issue.The quality of personnel training is the core of the quality of undergraduate education,and it is based on the quality of personnel training.Series conditions and measures are guarantees for them.The quality of guarantee directly affects the quality of personnel training in undergraduate education.Therefore,the quality and guarantee of undergraduate education talent training is a crucial issue in the quality of undergraduate education.Cultivating high-quality talents has always been the untiring pursuit of undergraduate education,and its quality is an important measure of the quality of undergraduate education.It directly involves the quality of higher education and the realization of higher education popularization.At present,the assessment of college education is a key link and an important measure to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of higher education.Perfecting and reforming the evaluation of undergraduate education in universities is not only a need for the development of education evaluation theory and practice,but also an effective way to improve the quality of personnel training in colleges and universities.At present,there are many types of education assessments conducted in China,but there are only a few education evaluations that truly focus on the quality of personnel training.Only by further improving and perfecting the education evaluation index system and improving the scientificness and effectiveness of evaluation indicators can we fundamentally promote the quality of personnel training.This article starts from the combination of theory and practice,and takes the overall quality management theory and student development theory as the research and analysis framework.It begins with the concepts of talent cultivation quality,undergraduate education quality assessment,and undergraduate education assessment indicators,and clearly defines the connotation of each concept.The background of the establishment of the quality of personnel training in China's colleges and universities has been carefully clarified,and the importance of the quality of personnel training for the improvement of undergraduate education quality is described,and the necessity of evaluation based on the quality of personnel training is proposed.The two undergraduate education assessments focusing on the quality of personnel training are analysis samples,detailed analysis of the characteristics of each assessment indicator,and the current status of China's undergraduate education evaluation;based on this,combined with the defects of undergraduate education assessment indicators,detailed Summarizing the quality of personnel training as the core of the assessment of their own problems and the existing problems in practice;based on a detailed summary of related issues,and strive to improve and reform China's undergraduate education assessment put forward clear,practical recommendations for the University to improve the quality of personnel training Research basis and On basis.This research is mainly carried out in five parts: The first part discusses in detail the theory of total quality management and the theory of student development,and defines the relevant concepts at the same time.The second part elaborates the background of the establishment of the quality of personnel training,and puts forward the importance of the undergraduate education evaluation guided by the quality of personnel training to improve the quality of undergraduate education.The third part analyzes the status quo of two assessment indicators centered on the quality of personnel training,and summarizes the characteristics of these two evaluation indicators in detail.The fourth part mainly summarizes the evaluation indicators of undergraduate education itself and the specific problems in practice.These mainly include: poor measurability of the indicators,light weighted results of indicators,single subject of index formulation,overlapping indicators,and teaching indicators.The fifth part mainly proposes measures to improve the evaluation index centering on the quality of talent training from three aspects,that is,to increase the operability of the indicators,to attach importance to the development indicators of the students,to introduce third-party assessments,to enhance the independence of the indicators,and to attach importance to teachers' teaching ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Quality of Undergraduate Education, Quality of Talent Cultivation, Education Evaluation, Evaluation Indicators
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