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Study On The Employment Pressure Of New Employees In The Grass-Roots People's Bank Of China And Theirs Relieving Countermeasures

Posted on:2021-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330629988393Subject:Social work
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Because the nature of the work of the People's Bank of China(PBC)is different from that of other banks,the research on the occupational stress of bank employees in academic circles often does not include the PBC.Especially for the new employees of the grass-roots People's Bank of China,with the rapid development of economy and society,they not only need to face the pressure of work adaptation and career development,but also face many challenges in social environment,interpersonal relationship and family life,which seriously affect their work,life,physical and mental health.Therefore,it is very necessary and practical to explore the current situation,causes and negative effects of the new employees' employment pressure of the grass-roots People's Bank of China,and on this basis to put forward practical measures to relieve the employment pressure,so as to help this group of people to reshape physical and mental health,improve their work efficiency and strengthen their work adaptability.This paper first reviews the relevant literature research on pressure and employment pressure,and then conducts a specific survey on the employment pressure of all employees of the People's Bank of F County in Jiangxi Province through questionnaire survey and in-depth interview,and conducted key interviews with 8 of the new employees.This paper analyzes the current situation of their employment pressure,and concludes that they have a high sense of pressure,a large workload and work intensity,and a low degree of job satisfaction.Based on the actual situation reflected in the questionnaires and interviews again,the causes and negative effects of the employment pressure of new employees of the People's Bank of F County are analyzed,and compared with the pressure of the old employees.The results show that the employment pressure of new employees in the People's Bank of F County is mainly reflected in the post responsibilities are not evenly distributed,the workload gap between new and old employees is wide,and the workload of new employees is too heavy;the promotion system is not fair,the seniority and children priority are serious,and most new employees are difficult to get by strength;the gapbetween personal career expectation and reality is large,and there is less career support from the unit;the dull routine work itself,the new employees' personal creativity can't be exerted.Excessive employment pressure has a certain degree of negative impact on new employees,resulting in anxiety,depression and other bad emotions,difficulty in focusing,often feeling tired,general fatigue,physical and mental health is significantly damaged;unmarried young men and women are busy at work and have no intention to find objects,married people also have less time to accompany their families due to working overtime day and night,family harmony is damaged;at the same time of heavy tasks,new businesses and new materials can only be explored independently,real power is lost,commercial banks refuse to cooperate with the work,and work efficiency is not improved;they are tired physically and mentally,with a dim future,resulting in turnover intention.Based on the above research,this paper puts forward three modes of corporate social work and puts forward relevant countermeasures for the new employees' employment stress relief of the grass-roots People's Bank of China:the first is the life guidance room mode,which is to set up a stress management office to implement the employee help plan and promote the leading cadres to strengthen the care and communication for new employees;the second is the community rights oriented mode to create fair and just organizational atmosphere,perfect job promotion mechanism,perfect performance appraisal system,establish scientific incentive mechanism,and promote scientific rationalization of division of labor;third,personal development orientation mode,to help new employees to correctly understand and actively respond to pressure,form one-to-one support pairs with social workers,promote leaders to support new employees to develop personal creativity,establish talent training mechanism coach new employees in career planning and urge them to improve their competence.The above relief measures are conducive to reducing the employment pressure of new employees of the grass-roots People's Bank of China,improving the happiness index of new employees of the PBC,and promoting the sound and orderly development of the grass-roots bankingindustry.
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