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An Investigation Of The Current Situation Of English Homework In The Upper Grades Of Rural Primary Schools And The Study Of Countermeasures

Posted on:2019-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The report of the 19th CPC National Congress points out that fair and quality education is the direction of Chinese education.The report also proposes that China needs to promote the integration of urban and rural education and increase investment in rural education.At present what troubles students in rural areas is not having no schools to go but whether they can have high quality education or not.Therefore,how to improve the quality of rural education is becoming an important issue in current education development.As a second language,English shares its own features.Most Chinese students lack favorable language environment,rural students may be even in worse condition.It may be hard for them to learn English well,if they only rely on classroom learning.English homework,as an important part of teaching,not only can consolidate the knowledge taught in class but also can make students grasp their spare time to learn,which plays a key role in improving English.The paper's theoretical basis is constructivism,motivational theory and second language acquisition theories.The research methods are literature review,questionnaire survey and interview method.The study investigates high-grade primary school students' English homework in the countryside,which includes seven aspects:the amount of homework,the content and type of homework,the purpose of homework,the completion of homework,students' attitude towards homework,teachers' correcting and evaluation of homework and parents' participation in English homework.The survey finds that there are some problems in rural high-grade primary school students' English homework.In the aspect of teachers,there is utilitarian purpose of homework,monotonous type of homework,no extensibility in the content and the absence of effective correcting and evaluation of homework.In the aspect of students,there is the low quality of homework,bad attitude towards homework,poor self-learning ability and fear of difficulty.In the aspect of family,there is improper participation.The reasons for the problems mainly come from teachers,students and family.At last,accordingto the rural educational background,the thesis provides some specific coping strategies from the viewpoints of schools,teachers,students and family.The thesis summarizes the strategies from the aspects of school,teachers,students and family according to the problems of English homework in higher grades in rural primary school and rural background,which aims at improving the present situation of English homework in higher grades in rural primary school.
Keywords/Search Tags:countryside, higher grades in primary school, English homework, survey on current situation, coping strategies
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