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Research On Team Building Of Xinjiang "Visiting Huiju" Work Team

Posted on:2019-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L M N S B Z GuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330563494855Subject:Administrative Management
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To carry out the activities of "Visiting the People Improving the People Gathering the People ",which not only continues the previous work at the grass-roots level,but also the innovation of the mass line under the new situation? The development of this activity is a special need to cope with the complex situation in Xinjiang,an urgent requirement for promoting national unity and religious harmony.It is an inevitable requirement for carrying out the second batch of mass line educational practice activities and an important measure to strengthen the construction of Xinjiang cadres.In order to study the construction work of the village team in Xinjiang to “Fang Hui Ju” activities under the background of the view,in the collection of the basic literature on the three aspects of the problems surrounding the “Fang Hui Ju” activities since residency work team achievements,and the reasons for setting up reasonable questionnaires targeted to the questionnaire to the masses and the work of the village team,and make the relevant interviews,through effective data analysis and interview results,grasp the "status of work team to visit Hui Ju in team building,effective analysis team problems,with more targeted countermeasures.The full text is mainly based on the questionnaire survey,from the four aspects of team building,including personnel deployment,training and development,performance appraisal and members' physical and mental health.Through investigation,it found that there are four main problems: unreasonable staffing,inadequate training and training,imperfect assessment mechanism,and insufficient attention to physical and mental health of team members.Based on analyzing the causes of the problems,the author puts forward the Countermeasures: scientific selection considerations,optimizing structure of members,strengthen village cadres training scientific and effectiveness,establish a reasonable village cadres live performance appraisal system,improve the perceived organizational support,strengthen the physical and mental health of the members pay attention to.It is expected that through the study of the problems relatedto the village cadres in Yili,it can be used for reference to the construction of village cadres in Xinjiang.
Keywords/Search Tags:"Fang Hui Ju" activities, the village work team, the team building
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