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Empirical Study On Leadership Team Building In Villages And Towns

Posted on:2008-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q XieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242974219Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Villages and towns (hereinafter referred to as V&T) are the cornerstone in the political structure of our country and also the frontier of rural reform. The leadership team in V&Ts thus plays the key role in their economic growth, farmers' income increase and the social stability there. As new challenges rise in the rural reform, the improvement of the leadership team building there has become utterly important.This paper takes Wangcheng County of Hunan Province in China as the investigated subject. Based on case analysis and questionnaires, This paper has analysed the leadership team building in V&Ts . In the case analysis, the comparison between developed V&Ts and less developed ones shows that economic performance of a village or town is not only dependent on the way of act of the local authorities but also hinged upon the efficiency of the leadership. In the questionnaires, it is at first pointed out that inV&Ts, the mode of leadership differs from one to another. And such difference will affect its efficiency. Both young and old, new and experienced leaders are needed. But for an efficient leadership, a reasonable proportion of these two kinds of talent people are fundamental. Secondly, it holds that the chief leader is the core of the leadership, the way he/she acts will set guidelines for others in their work. Thirdly, the value orientation of the leading group will have great impact on its performance. Therefore, a common value orientation must exist among its members, so as to forge the team-work spirit, which will eventually promote better leadership. Last but not the least, it believes that the constituents of the leadership in V&Ts directly affects its performance. Team-work spirit is very important. Members must work on their own assignment while coordinating with others. And what should always be attached great importance to is the efficient communication between the members, therefore forging a common goal of work for all. And by doing this, can the leadership have a betteroverall working efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:team building, environment of the organization, constituents of the team, way of act of the leaders, value orientation, the working efficiency of the team
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