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Research On The Path To Improve The Level Of Government Services Under The Background Of The Reform Of "decentralization, Management And Service"

Posted on:2021-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330611994256Subject:Public Administration
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Since 2001,China has continued to promote the simplification of administration and decentralization,the combination of decentralization and management,and the transformation of functions.They have been achieved remarkable results.The reform of "Decentralization,Administration and Service" was reported for the first time in March 5,2016.The reform moved on to phase two.The reform was carried out throughout the country.As a county-level city of Shandong province,Pingdu followed the steps to promote the reform vigorously,and established the Bureau of Administrative Examination and approval in 2017.Pingdu ran successfully in Shandong province,and then built the "Pingdu model".This article takes Pingdu as an example.At first,analysis the new public management theory,the new public service theory and the public management theory.Under the guidance of the whole government theory,investigate and research the reform efforts and the present situation of the current government services of Pingdu.Then analysis the problems of government services in the work idea,the supporting system,and the construction of network.Fang out that the reform has gradually shown a trend of extending the reform to the whole field,Devoting to meet the People's increasing demand for a better life,and paying more attention to the creation of business environment.And then summary the experiences of Australia,the United States,Singapore,and the innovation of Xintai district in Shandong,Liwan district in Guangzhou and Shanghai.At last,explore the path to improve government services by shifting work idea,promoting comprehensive service ability;straightening out the system and mechanism to build the "Whole of Government";unblocking data sharing to achieve the "All-in-one".
Keywords/Search Tags:the reform of "Decentralization,Administration and Service", government services, the whole government theory, the path to improve
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