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Research On The "two-line Linkage Type" Community Governance Model

Posted on:2021-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Forty years of reform and opening up has been the forty years of sustained and rapid economic development and the forty years of profound social transformation.Under the background of profound changes in social transformation and profound adjustment of interest patterns,social management has been increasingly put on the agenda by the party and the government.The "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of Some Major Issues" adopted by the Third Plenary Session of the 18 th CPC Central Committee for the first time put forward the concept of "social governance" in the form of official documents,and deployed all aspects from improving social governance methods and stimulating the vitality of social organizations.The innovation of social governance system is a deepening of the concept of governance.On the basis of summarizing the existing experience of social governance,the report of the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of social governance system,improve the social governance system of party committee leadership,government responsibility,social coordination,public participation,and legal guarantee,and improve the social governance society.Chemical,legal,intelligent,and professional.The Party and the government's understanding of social management or social governance is a process of continuous deepening,mapping the corresponding development stages and historical processes,responding to the social problems and interests of the time,and exploring and innovating at the grassroots level.Governance model.This paper focuses on some difficult and painful points in community governance.Selecting a representative and mature G community in BS District,the innovative practice of community governance as a field case,using public management,political science,anthropology and other related disciplines.Knowledge,comprehensive use of literature analysis,questionnaire survey and interview methods and other field research methods,the community's innovative community governance practice at a deep level of operational logic and theoretical basis,trying to support China's urban community governance relying on the Internet era The great advantage of cracking the difficulties of grassroots management provides some experience for reference.BS District of Shanghai has a large area and diverse community types.There are both commercial housing and urban-rural integration;there are traditionalresidences(villages)and relocated housing residential quarters.The G community is located in the southwest of BS District,Shanghai.It is part of the MH town.It is a mixed community of affordable housing,relocated houses and low-rent housing.Except for a small number of local residents,it is from other 4 districts' residents.The residents who come from all walks of life come from all directions,and the personnel situation is different.How to better integrate the residents of these five districts has always been the fundamental goal of the party branch and the neighborhood committee.Grassroots governance tests the ability of government management innovation,service the masses,and guides autonomy.The G community relies on the online community platform “Community Access” built by BS District,and combines the offline governance mechanism to innovate the “two-line linkage” community governance model.This model has achieved great results in a short period of time.Residents put forward the most concerned issues or needs in community governance.The party committee responded for the first time and sought solutions offline,forming a unique community governance mechanism.The core of innovative social governance is people.Activate social resources to serve the masses,and let more resources be transferred around the masses.It is necessary for grassroots cadres to change their thinking and innovative methods.Keep an eye on the "pain points" of the masses and concentrate on solving the short-board problems so that the masses can be convinced and arrogant.The people have no small things.Give full play to the role of the masses in community governance,break the previous service model of “government pays for money,the masses look around”,introduce social resources and social forces,and enable grassroots governments to realize “services” to “management services”.Transforming functions and actively constructing a new pattern of grassroots social governance construction of “government establishment,social singing,public participation,and rule of law guarantee”.The innovation of the G community is to give full play to the advantages of the development of the times and build an online participation platform,but not only rely on the online platform to manage the community,but to collect public opinion through such a convenient and efficient channel,and the offline Puzzle,seek solutions.In the current community governance,we can not only focus on the online or offline,the two are indispensable,and the two-line linkage can truly solve the "pain point" of community governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:community governance, government guidance, citizen participation, network society, new public service
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