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Research On The Development Of Non-profit Sports Organizations In Chengdu

Posted on:2019-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2437330545457032Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Nonprofit sports organization is an indispensable part of sports service supply.This article first adopts the literature method to summarize the concept and research status of non-profit sports organizations.On the basis of this,it constructs the analysis framework of six aspects,including organizational structure,strategic planning,financing channels,organization image communication and sports service content,followed by case study method.The present situation of the development of the world is analyzed.The results show that the world has a single organization structure in the world,lack of professional personnel,the management of the volunteer team and the plan of management;the financing channels are too dependent on the government,poor market operation and lack of social donation.In the process of providing sports services,Huayi is facing such problems as lack of funds,lack of sports venues,lack of awareness of parents and lack of communication with parents.On this basis,this article analyses the operation and management of the American youth football organization.Through the comparison and analysis,it is concluded that the non-profit organization is an indispensable part of the development process of sports.The development of non-profit organizations can not be separated from the support of professional personnel,and the non-profit organizations need to maintain a high degree of autonomy and non-profit.The development of the organization needs the inspiration from four aspects.By drawing on their useful experiences,this paper puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions for the development of non-profit organizations in China.It is believed that the government should support the development of non-profit sports organizations at the outside level,encourage the development of non-profit sports organizations in policy,and provide preferential treatment to non-profit sports groups in tax and other aspects,and improve the legal reform and improvement.The relevant legal system of non-profit organizations should maintain the independence of non-profit organizations when providing certain support for non-profit sports organizations.Secondly,the government should promote citizens' understanding and understanding of non-profit organizationsthrough a series of means,change the social concept,and actively guide citizens to participate in the transport of non-profit organizations.Camp activities.At the internal level,non-profit sports organizations need to constantly improve their own construction.In terms of organizational ability,non-profit sports organizations need to improve their professional competence through continuous learning,training and introduction of professional talents.In fund raising,non-profit sports organizations need diversified sources of funds to avoid excessive reliance on the government.In strategic planning,non-profit sports organizations are in strategic planning.The long-term strategic planning is still needed to provide direction guidance for the development of the organization.On the organizational structure,the non-profit sports organizations need to design the organizational structure reasonably from the needs and purposes of the organization development so as to maximize the operational efficiency of the organization.
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