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Research On The Relationship Between The Undergraduate Artisan Psychology, Career Decision-making Self-efficacy And Career Maturity

Posted on:2019-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330545970394Subject:Applied Psychology
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Craftsman psychology refers to the individual's pursuit of excellence in work,the pursuit of excellence,and the in-depth study of professional psychological qualities in his profession,which inherently includes the professional values of his own products and integrates into his life.Views and values are externally manifested as a noble professional conduct and responsibility to the society.Under the severe situation of current employment competition,whether or not college students can stand out in the fierce job-hunting competition,whether they can achieve personal achievement in their future career development,and achieve self-worth and social value,these are the major concerns for the education and employment of university students in China..The research on the status quo of artisan psychology and its influencing factors are the foundation of the psychological quality of college graduate craftsmen,the key to the development of professional maturity,and the future career planning and life development of college students.Previous studies have shown that professional decision-making self-efficacy has a positive predictive effect on the development of career maturity.Therefore,based on the preparation of artisan psychological questionnaires,this study analyzes the status and characteristics of college students' craftsman psychology,and further explores the relationship among artisan psychology,career decision-making self-efficacy and occupational maturity.The research mainly includes three parts.The first part is based on the theory and survey interviews of artisan spirit,and the preparation of a craftsman psychological questionnaire that meets the measurement standards.The second part is based on the self-made craftsman psychological questionnaire as a tool to analyze the status quo of the artisan psychology of college students who have not studied the subject.The third part is to explore the relationship among university students' psychology,career decision-making self-efficacy and occupational maturity.All data are analyzed by SPSS 17.0 and AMOS21.0.The conclusions of this study are as follows:(1)psychology of college students' craftsmen is a multi-dimensional structure model of first-order five factors.Including craftsman skills,craftsman innovation,artisan toughness,craftsman immersion,and craftsmanship in five dimensions.The test-retest reliability coefficient was between 0.692 and 0.887.The test-retest reliability of the total questionnaire was 0.885.The homogeneity coefficient of each dimension was between 0.861 and 0.915,and the homogeneity coefficient of the total questionnaire was 0.951.Content validity:The correlation coefficient of each factor of the scale was between 0.394 and 0.618.The correlation between each factor and the total score of the questionnaire was between 0.724 and 0.833,basically meeting the requirements.(2)The psychology of college craftsmen was normal distribution and was at a medium level.The psychology of college craftsmen did not reach a significant level in terms of region,gender,and grade level.There are significant differences in the level of parental qualifications and whether they participate in social practice activities.Basically,with the rising level of parental qualifications,the mentality of college artisans is constantly rising.Participating in social practice activities performed better than college students who did not participate in social practice in five dimensions:craftsman skills,craftsman innovation,artisan toughness,craftsman immersion,and craftsmanship.(3)There is a significant positive correlation between college student craftsmanship,career decision-making self-efficacy,and career maturity.The higher the college students ' career decision-making self-efficacy,the higher the occupational maturity,and the higher the college student artisan' s psychological level.The level of professional maturity is also higher.(4)Through further structural equation model test,it is concluded that professional decision-making self-efficacy and craftsman's psychology have a good predictive effect on career maturity;career decision-making self-efficacy mediates between occupational maturity and artisan's psychology and mediation effect is significant.
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