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Relation Study On Work Values, Career Decision-making Self-efficacy And Career Maturity Of College Students

Posted on:2008-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R S WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360215999423Subject:Basic Psychology
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Occupation represents individual's life style and living condition, andcareer is also the core and main task of individual's life. In the current situation, full offierce competitions and lack of employment opportunities, how can the college studentsmake the mature career choices? Which individual psychology attributes can forecastindividual's career maturity? We think work values and CDMSE(careerdecision-making self-efficacy) can show individual's career maturity. The purpose ofthis study is to inspect the work values and CDMSE of the college students, and then toconstruct a model which is based on the individual's work values and CDMSE and canforecast the individual's career maturity. Thus can offer some practical and reasonablereferences to develop career Consultation and education.This study took the work values questionnaires compiled by Ling Wenquan, thecareer decision-making self-efficacy scales compiled by Long Lirong, the Koreanversion of the student career maturity inventory revised by Zhang Zhiyong as tools. ATotal of 420 students of four grades from Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an Universityof Technology, Northwestern University of Politics and Law, Xi'an University ofFinance and Economic were adopted in this study with random cluster sampling, fromfour aspects of the gender, the grade, the family origination and the family monthincome to explore the distributed characters and correlations of the work values,CDMSE, career maturity of the college students.The results indicated that(1) Regarding the college students, there are differences in the work values ofdifferent genders, grades and family month incomes, and there is no significantdifference in the work values of different family originations;There is significant difference in the reputation of the work values of differentgenders, the male college students pay more attention to the reputation; there issignificant difference in the work values of different grades; there is significantdifference in the reputation between the 1st rank (lower than 1000RMB) and the 4thrank (higher than 4000RMB). (2) Regarding the college students, there is significant difference in the CDMSEof different grades, and there are no significant differences in the CDMSE of differentgenders, family originations and family month incomes.(3) Regarding the college students, there are differences in the career maturity ofdifferent genders, grades, family month incomes and family originations;There are significant differences in the career decisiveness, career value and careerindependence of the career maturity of different genders; there are significantdifferences in the career decisiveness, career value, career independence and careerreference of different grades; there are significant differences in the career value andrelational dependence between the students come from countryside and the studentscome from town or city; there are significant differences in the career decisiveness andcareer value between the 1st rank (lower than 1000RMB) and the 4th rank (higher than4000RMB), there is significant difference in the relational dependence between the 4thrank and other ranks.(4) The work values and the CDMSE of the college students have certaininfluence on the career maturity, The understanding of work values and CDMSE canhelp us to forecast individual's career maturity.We get the following eight paths to forecast the college students' career maturity(chart 4-1):(1) Reputation→Self-appraisal→Career maturity;(2) Reputation→Occupational information→Career maturity;(3) Reputation→Planning→Career maturity;(4) Health→Occupational information→Career maturity;(5) Self-development→Self-appraisal→Career maturity;(6) Self-development→Occupational information→Career maturity;(7) Self-development→Planning→Career maturity;(8) Reputation→career maturity.
Keywords/Search Tags:college students, career maturity, work values, career decision-making self-efficacy(CDMSE)
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