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Research On The Construction Of QFD Model And Countermeasures For The Quality Assurance Of Undergraduate Talent Training In Yunnan Universities

Posted on:2019-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M DaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2437330566484042Subject:Quality Engineering and Management
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Undergraduate education is in a rapid development stage in Yunnan universities,as the part of development which accelerate the central and western regions' education.With the increase of the number of undergraduate students and the ever-increasing variety of disciplines,the contradiction between the growing expectation of high-quality talents training and the unbalanced development of undergraduate education has become increasingly prominent,which has attracted widespread concern.Talent cultivation is the important power to promote economic and social development of Yunnan,at the present stage,the quality of undergraduate talent training in Yunnan is plagued with sluggishness and lack of coordination,the most fundamental problem is that the guarantee capability is not strong,and the institutional mechanism is not alive.This paper attempts to research the QFD model for the quality assurance of undergraduate talents training in Yunnan universities,and finds out the key points of protection through the model,and then put forward more scientific and reasonable suggestions of ensuring quality of the training.Undergraduate talent cultivation is a typical stakeholder activity,training colleges and universities,the government education management organization,enterprise or business unit of choose and employ persons,undergraduate students and their families all kinds of stakeholders have important influence on all aspects of the undergraduate training.With the continuous advancement of economic and social development and the deepening of the concept of quality of undergraduate education,the quality of undergraduate talent training is bound to fully meet and even exceed the expectations of stakeholders.However,under realistic conditions with limited resources,it is impractical to meet all the needs of all stakeholders.Therefore,it is necessary to proceed from the key needs of stakeholders for the quality of undergraduate personnel training,and configure the importance of quality assurance features,and be targeted to take effective quality assurance measures,reasonable configuration and efficient use of resources,enhance support capabilities,improve undergraduate training quality.On the basis of summarizing the existing researches,this article comprehensively uses the theory of quality function deployment and quality management theory and methods to construct a quality functional development model for undergraduate talent cultivation quality assurance;directly based on the concept of “stakeholder needs-quality assurance”,based on the needs of stakeholders,combines with the ERG theory and interviews with experts and scholars to design questionnaires,conducts surveys in typical colleges and universities in Yunnan Province and analyzes the needs of stakeholders and quality assurance characteristics to build stakeholder needs-quality assurance related matrix,measure the weight of quality assurance measures according to demand,turn stakeholders needs into that specific information undergraduate talent training activities' participants and managers can understand and execute to facilitate the development of undergraduate education quality management and quality improvement activities.The findings are as follows:(1)The undergraduate talent training stakeholders most expect the undergraduate education to meet the needs of the development achievement level,and highlight the demand for the employment competitiveness of the cultivated talents.(2)The internal guarantee is the key to guarantee the quality of undergraduate talents training,the external guarantee is auxiliary,and the enhancing of training quality of undergraduate talents should pay more attention to strengthen the construction of internal guarantee capacity.(3)Finally,from the highlighting of quality mainline,paper enhances the undergraduate education connotation development level;actively implements education development strategy;Firmly establishes the concept of strong teacher education;Carries out undergraduate talent training self-assessment;encourages the cultivation of innovation spirit 5 aspects to put forward countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Undergraduate education, Quality of talent cultivation, Quality assurance, Quality Function Deployment
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