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QFD-based Research On Quality Assurance Of Full-time Professional Master

Posted on:2016-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330479990729Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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In order to meet the demands of economic and social development, China is developing graduate education for full-time professional degree on a large scale.Improving cultivation quality is also becoming increasingly important. However, for lack of practice, experience and mature cultivation mode, the internal quality assurance of full-time professional education is in a dilemma. Therefore, how to take student-oriented internal assurance measures to satisfy full-time professional graduates to the fullest is the urgent problem to solve.Based on the comprehensive review and analysis of existing literature, this study is to adopt the basic principles of QFD(Quality Function Deployment), a proven methodology for achieving satisfaction of customer, full-time professional master here, to develop an cultivation quality assurance conceptual model. Then the paper analyzes the model components in detail in the way of “student requirement-quality assurance”. Combining previous studies and expert interviews,this study suggests 30 requirements of full-time professional masters on micro level and 13 quality assurance characteristics on meso level. The former are clustered 4dimensions, respectively reliability, assurance, empathy and reputation. The latter clustered 4 dimensions, respectively cultivation process management, tutor position management, condition security and quality supervision. Finally using the Harbin Institute of Technology as the ground for study, with questionnaire survey and QFD group appraisal, the plan house of educational quality is constructed.Results can be summarized as follows:(1) Requirements of reputation weigh highest comparatively, following assurance. Though variables of sex and discipline both have a significant difference on requirements, practical significance is so small.And there is no significant difference between grade and requirement;(2)Curriculum teaching and practice bases of cultivation process management,selection and appointment of tutor, self-assessment of graduate education and funding system and employment service of condition security are the main point to push forward the full-time professional education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Full-time professional postgraduate, cultivation quality, quality function deployment, plan house of quality
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