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Research On The Relationship Between The Sense Of Autonomous Support And Exercise Behavior Of College Students In Shandong Province

Posted on:2021-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330605963861Subject:Humanities and sociology
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In recent years,problems such as the continuous decline in the physical fitness of college students,the low pass rate of vision,and the continuous increase in the detection rate of obesity reflect that the decline in the physical fitness of adolescents has not been fundamentally reversed.As an important means to improve the physical quality of college students,physical exercise is generally recognized.In order to promote college students to actively participate in physical exercise,it is particularly important to understand college students' physical exercise behavior and influencing factors.Therefore,based on the self-determination theory,aiming at how to effectively promote college students to participate in physical exercise,fully consider the interaction between the circumstances surrounding college students and their participation in physical exercise,explore the relationship between college students' perceived autonomy support and exercise behaviors,and test whether the basic psychological needs play an intermediary role.Through literature study,questionnaire,mathematical statistics and logic analysis method,this paper investigates the physical exercise of college students in Shandong province,perceived autonomy support and satisfaction of basic psychological needs during the exercise,and analyzes the relationship between the self-support,basic psychological needs and physical exercise behavior.And the conclusions are obtained as follows:(1)The perceived autonomy support level of physical exercise,the satisfaction degree of basic psychological needs and the score of physical exercise behaviors of college students in Shandong Province are all higher than the theoretical median,which are in the middle level.(2)There are significant differences in the basic psychological needs and sub-dimensions of college students in Shandong Province in terms of grade,but there is no difference in gender,major,source of birth,and family financial conditions.There are differences in grades of autonomous support and sub-dimensions.There is a gender difference in the sense of autonomous support,information atmosphere support and fitness situation support,and there is a difference in the family economic status of information atmosphere support.The physical exercise behavior and sub-dimensions are different in gender and major,and the exercise frequency is different in grades,but there is no significant difference in physical exercise behavior in the source and family economic status.(3)There is a positive correlation among college students' perceived autonomy support,basic psychological needs and physical exercise behaviors.The perceived autonomy support has a positive impact on basic psychological needs and physical exercise behaviors,and basic psychological needs have a positive impact on physical exercise behaviors.(4)Both the perceived autonomy support and the basic psychological needs can positively predict physical exercise behaviors.The structural equation model shows that the basic psychological needs play a partial intermediary role between the perceived autonomy support and physical exercise behaviors,and in the fractal dimension of perceived autonomy support---information atmosphere support and fitness situation support,there is also intermediary effect between them and physical exercise behaviors.But there is no intermediary effect between institutional support and physical exercise behavior.Corresponding suggestions:(1)Strengthen the supervision and management of college students' "classroom + extracurricular" physical exercise,and create all favorable conditions for college students to participate in physical exercise.(2)Deepen the reform of physical education continuously and highlight the dominant position of students.(3)Stimulate college students' motivation for physical exercise,guide them to exercise scientifically,and develop their good exercise habits.
Keywords/Search Tags:Self-determination theory, College students, Perceived autonomy support, Basic psychological needs, Physical exercise behaviors
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