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Research On The Influence Of Progressive Unsteady Training On The Specific Athletic Ability Of Disabled Snowboarding UL Class Athletes

Posted on:2021-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330629489720Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The snowboarding for the disabled is an emerging Winter Paralympic event.This sport is in the development stage in all countries of the world.The important role of non-steady training in summer sports training has been confirmed.However,the technical characteristics of each sport are different,and a single non-stability training method cannot be used in all sports.In order to explore the effect of progressive non-stability training on Chinese athletes 'snowboarding UL-level athletes' specific sports ability,verify whether progressive non-stability training has practical application significance for disabled snowboarding,with a view to disability A new method library is added to the skiing training,which provides guarantee for the improvement of the special sports ability of the disabled snowboard athletes and the exertion of technical movements.In this paper,12 SB-UL members of the Chinese Disabled Snowboard Team were used as the experimental object,and they were randomly divided into 6 control groups and 6 experimental groups.Different trainings were conducted separately.The experimental group performed 8 weeks of progressive non-steady training,4 times a week,90 minutes each time.The training strictly followed the principle of gradual progress.The subjects were tested for physical fitness,specific physical fitness,and core stability at 0 and 8 weeks,respectively.Physical fitness indicators include: 20m-SRT,Zig Zag run,standing long jump,forward bending in the sitting position,and squatting on one foot.Specific physical fitness indicators include: falling trampoline jumping,Hexagonal jump test,Box jump test,closed-eye single-leg test.Core stability test indicators include: waist flexion test,waist extension test,left(right)side bridge test.Research result:1.Progressive non-steady training has no significant effect on the 20m-SRT(indirect endurance test)in the physical fitness index test of disabled snowboarders(P> 0.05);it has a significant effect on Zig Zag run,Seated forward flexion,one-leg squatting had significant effects(P <0.05).2.Progressive non-steady training has significant effects on the physical fitness index test of disabled snowboarders.Sexual effect(P <0.05).3.Progressive non-steady training has significant effects on waist flexion test,waist extension test,and left(right)side bridge test in the physical fitness index test of disabled snowboarders(P <0.05).Conclusion:1.Eight-week progressive non-steady training has a positive effect on improving the physical fitness index of SB-UL male and female athletes with snowboards for the disabled,which is mainly reflected in improving the physical sensitivity,lower limb power,and flexibility of male and female athletes.,Hip abductor muscle strength,core strength,hip flexibility and dynamic flexibility.2.The effect of eight weeks of progressive non-steady training on improving the aerobic endurance of SB-UL male and female athletes with snowboards for the disabled is not obvious,which is reflected in the experimental group's 20m-SRT indirect endurance test index without significant changes.3.The eight-week progressive non-steady training has a significant effect on improving the special physical fitness indicators of SB-UL male and female athletes with snowboards for the disabled,which is beneficial to improving the physical fitness of male and female athletes under different forces.Control ability and stability of body muscles,sensitive coordination ability,lower limb strength and balance ability,as well as coordinated work efficiency of the limbs when it lands in the air,promote the coordinated completion of technical movements of the limbs.4.The eight-week progressive non-steady training helps to improve the core stability of SB-UL male and female athletes with snowboards for the disabled,which is reflected in the improvement of the isometric contraction strength endurance of the core muscle groups of male and female athletes.5.Progressive non-steady training with a targeted scientific system can improve the SB-UL-level male and female athletes' special sports ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:progressive non-steady training, disabled snowboard athletes, special sports ability, core stability
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