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An Empirical Study On The Core Strength Training Of Chinese Elite Snowboard U-type Field Skill Athletes

Posted on:2018-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2357330512492021Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The Core strength refers to the power performance of core muscle(muscle)which is base on the stability of the human body center of gravity,generation and transmission capacity and as the main purpose of development of neurological control and control,functional ability and ontological sensibility.There are a variety of Core strength training methods.In this paper,the core strength training is divided into two parts: the core stability and the core specialized force training,Particular emphasis the function and coordination function of core muscle group in human body movement,the construction and overall expression of special sports chain,our training focuses not only on the strength training of local muscle groups,but on the improvement of overall strength.Half-pipe spotrt requires athletes to have a strong core strength quality,Half-pipe athletes must be able to perform a high level of technical skill in the game,This requires athletes to make quick changes in a short period of time,make a difficult technical action turnover,in a short period of time,athletes must have the ability to quickly change the direction of action,strong cold resistance,etc.,All of these should be based on a good core strength,The core strength,which is very important for this kind of sport-Half-pipe,which need strong skills,complex technology,movements,and the movement of non fixed combination of sports.In this paper,I refer to a lot of literature,uses the methods of literature,experimental and other methods summarizes and analyzes the significance of Half-pipe core strength training and the development status and study on the experiment of core strength training of Half-pipe.In this experiment,Half-pipe athletes core training is closely combined with the characteristics of characteristics of Half-pipe,according to the technical requirements of the project,to provide special support and guarantee for the Half-pipe athletes improving the level of difficulty of technical action.The significance of core strength training,focus on strengthening the training of core expertise,studies the influence of core training on athletes,which the purpose is to strengthen the cohesion and transformation of core strength training and special strength,The conclusions of this paper are as follows:(1)The core strength training methods of Half-pipe.athlete include the training of t he core foundation,the core power,the core strength training and the special power t raining.Planned core strength training method has a significant effect on the strength of the athletes,(2)The core strength training method is advantageous for the athlete to enhance th e strength quality in the movement quality.Compared with the traditional training met hods,the core strength training is more conducive to the growth of the core strength of athletes.(3)Core stability training and core training are complementary to each other,In the training,in order to meet the special requirements of the project,achieve high quality and technical performance,the core strength training must be based on the st ability of training as a starting point,the training of specialized training,as a juncture,according to the different characteristics of the athletes,formulates the corresponding training methods and means,maximize digs out the neuromuscular function of the sk ier,in order to improve the performance of Half-pipe athletes.
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