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Average College Sports Dance Core Stability And Strength Athletes Training Research

Posted on:2012-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2217330338967049Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In 20c90s, the concept of core stability and strength was firstly introduced into the field of athletic training by some European and American scholars. Recently in China, the key point of the athletic training has been shifted from the training of arms and legs to the body trunk.Dancesport(including Latin dance and modern dance) is a kind of athletic sports which mainly concerns about body postures and steps. In dancesport, the core (middle) section of the body can be deemed as the key part. Unlike arms and legs, the core section does not participate in the external performance of dance directly. However, it is the power source and foundation. The training of core stability can help speed up the changes among dance positions, enhance the muscles contraction and increase the sport frequency. The main research approach in this paper is to apply some basic practice methods of ballet into the training of core strength and stability of some amateur dancesport athletes in a certain university.Core strength and stability has been involved in almost all kinds of sports. It is an indispensable part of dancesport training, which demands the body control, agility and coordination. Both the hips movement in Latin dance and the physical contact in modern dance are conducted in the core section of body, thus it is of great value to research on the area of core strength and stability.Through many questionnaires and interviews among university teachers and dancesport coaches, the author has found out that most teachers only take basic dance steps and choreographies as the main training content. Some coaches have never paid attention to the trainees'strength, balance and body stability, not to mention the measurement and evaluation related. Therefore, it is easily to find the relationship between the training methods and their competition results of the amateur dancesport athletes in universities.This paper has made a comparative test (in the test, some basic practice methods of ballet such as "floor exercise", "barre exercise" and "space exercise" have been applied) among the 30 female amateur dancesport athletes in South West Jiaotong University. With the theory of selection material, document date, questionnaire investigation, interview, training test and logic analysis, the author had achievement some conclusions:1. During the training of university students, the dancesport teacher should pay more attention the the core stability and strength, not only the basic dance steps.2. The training of the core stability and strength can help the non-dancesport athletes improve the dance skills and gain athletic achievements.3. From the data of sit-ups and push-ups, it has been concluded that after 3 months' training, the 30 female athletes'core stability and strength have been improved.4. The 30 female athletes'core stability and strength have been improved every month, and the curve line rises smoothly.5. The athletes of this dancesport team have mastered some dancesport choreographies, and in a dancesport championship of Chengdu, the have won a team champion and the first three places of the single.
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