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Research On The Impact Of Entrepreneurship Network And Entrepreneurial Learning On The Performance Of New Venture

Posted on:2020-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330575990413Subject:Business management
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Start-ups play an important role in promoting economic growth and increasing employment.But at the same time,it also faces environmental uncertainty and business risks,plus its own growth disadvantages and new entry defects,the results are not optimistic.In the difficult reality,there is still no lack of success in the entrepreneurial team.To sum up the rules,the application of entrepreneurial network and entrepreneurial learning behavior have an important impact on the development of new enterprises.The vast amount of knowledge and information contained in the entrepreneurial network can actively promote the development of new enterprises and bring about different positive effects on entrepreneurial learning,and entrepreneurial learning can effectively enhance the ability to utilize and transform internal and external information and resources.Strength,improve the performance of start-up enterprises.Although the domestic and foreign discussions on entrepreneurial network entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial performance are rich but the internal relationship among the three is still relatively fragmented.This paper firstly reviews the domestic and foreign research status of entrepreneurial network,entrepreneurial learning and new enterprise performance,then generalizes the basic concepts and related theories,puts forward the research hypotheses through theoretical analysis and constructs the theoretical model.Then,independent start-up individualsor managers of teams or start-ups are used as research objects.The research areas include innovation and entrepreneurship parks,high-tech zones,and incubating bases of enterprises,and so on.The data are collected by questionnaire and tested by statistical software,such as correlation analysis and regression analysis.The results show that entrepreneurial network and two dimensions have a significant positive impact on the performance of start-up enterprises,and the results show that the two dimensions have a significant positive impact on the performance of start-up enterprises.In 2000,entrepreneurial network information and content also played a positive role in entrepreneurial learning.At the same time,entrepreneurial learning and two dimensions have a positive impact on the performance of a new enterprise,and verify that entrepreneurial learning has a complete intermediary role between entrepreneurial network and the performance of a start-up enterprise.The two dimensions of entrepreneurial learning also play a full or partial intermediary role.Finally,the research conclusions are summarized and valuable enlightenments are drawn,such as paying attention to the construction and rational use of different types of network relations,scientific choice of entrepreneurial learning methods,joint maintenance of a fair competitive market economy environment,and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:entrepreneurial Network, Entrepreneurial Learning, Entrepreneurial performance
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