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Research On Management Mechanism Optimization Of National University Science Park With The Background Of "Mess Entrepreneurship And Innovation"

Posted on:2020-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L R ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330575965486Subject:Administrative Management
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With the launch of the mass entrepreneurship and the innovation and development strategy,the University Science Park has become an important part of China's science and technology innovation system.For a long time,China's university science parks have faced many management mechanism problems,which have affected the function of science parks.It is imperative to optimize the management mechanism of science parks.The management framework of the National University Science Park is divided into external management and internal management.The external management is divided into macro-national management and the management of the science and technology park by the governments at all levels.The internal management is the micro-sector management of the university science and technology park company.Under the background of “double innovation”,the state has issued a large number of general policy,how to do a good job in the management of these universal policies,how to make better use of these general policies to make the role of the science park effective.The focus of this paper.The main theoretical tools in this paper are synergy theory,triple helix theory and incubator theory.The synergy theory and triple helix theory are used to analyze the relationship between the National University Science Park and the government,universities and enterprises.The incubator theory is used to analyze the logic of enterprise management in the science park.Under the background of "double innovation",the management status quo and prominent problems of university science and technology parks in China are discussed.Finally,the path of management optimization of university science parks in China is derived.This paper is divided into five chapters.The first chapter introduces the literature to understand the status quo and research progress of university science parks at home and abroad,and expounds its own research ideas.The second chapter clarifies the connotation of "double innovation" and clarifies the National University Science Park.Under the background of “double innovation”,the strategic opportunities of “double innovation” are brought to the development of science parks.The third chapter analyzes the case management of science parks of national universities in Henan Province and puts forward the management process of university science parks in China.The prevailing problems and the causes of the problems;the fourth chapter analyzes the management methods of successful universities and science parks abroad and the enlightenment to the university science parks in China,providing experience for the optimization of the management of university science parks in China.The fifth explores the management optimization path of China's university science and technology parks under the background of “double innovation”.The conclusions of this paper are as follows:(1)The existence of university science and technology parks in China is not scientifically connected with government policies at all levels,the combination of parks and universities is insufficient,the advantages of colleges and universities are not played,the service platform for park incubation is imperfect,and the financing channels are not smooth.The reason is that the policy coordination between the Science Park and the government is insufficient,the lack of knowledge coordination with the universities,the lack of coordination with the society,and the lack of information coordination between the service organizations within the park.(2)The enlightenment of foreign university science parks on the management of China's science parks: the close integration of universities and science parks,the networking of park industrial systems and enterprise organizational structures,the development of high-tech industries with characteristics,and the formation of industrial clusters.(3)Optimize the management path of China's National University Science Park: the government and the park form policy coordination,the combination of science parks and universities,and the improvement of the park incubation service platform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mess Entrepreneurship And Innovation, National University Science Park, Synergy Theory, Incubator Theory
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