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A Case Study On The Development Of Specialized Farmer Cooperatives In Zhangbei County Of Zhangjiakou City

Posted on:2020-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Comrade Xi Jinping put forward the strategy of rural revitalization in the party's 19 th congress report,of which the prosperity of rural industry is one of the most important contents and is the key to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture and accelerate the process of agricultural modernization.As an important subject of rural economic development,farmer specialized cooperatives are effective ways and important measures to solve the "three rural" problems and implement rural strategies.Some new problems encountered in the development of farmers' professional cooperatives need to be solved urgently.Therefore,it is of great theoretical and practical significance to study the development of farmers' professional cooperatives.Based on diamond theory and organization and management theory,this paper studies the problems according to the ideas of finding,analyzing and solving the problems.By using the methods of literature research,questionnaire survey and comparative research,it analyzes and summarizes the literature data of domestic and foreign farmers' professional cooperatives and the latest data on the internet.Based on the actual development status of farmers' professional cooperatives in Zhangbei County of Zhangjiakou City,and combined with the questionnaire survey and interviews with some farmers' professional cooperatives,it obtains relevant data and analyzes the deficiencies existing in the development process of farmers' professional cooperatives.The results show that the main problems existing in the development of farmers' professional cooperatives are that the financing channels are not unblocked and the government support is not in place.The management is not standardized and the participation of members is low.Poor brand awareness and low product grade;Tie talents are scarce and the development concept is not ahead of schedule.Based on the above analysis,this paper puts forward some countermeasures to improve the development level of farmers' professional cooperatives from the government and the cooperatives themselves: first,strengthen the leading role of the government and optimize the external environment,the relevant departments to increase support,improve the policy of benefiting farmers and broaden financing channels,establish and improve the mechanism for the introduction and training of agricultural talents,concentrate on building a number of demonstration farmers' professional cooperatives,improve the level of rural education and speed up the construction of supporting facilities;Second,we should improve the development level of the cooperatives themselves,standardize the internal management in combination with the actual situation,enhance the cooperation concept,improve the quality of the members,strengthen the leading industries to drive and promote the industrial development,make full use of the Internet to promote sales,and pay attention to the brand building of products.Different from previous researches on the problems existing in farmers' professional cooperatives,this paper takes the development of farmers' professional cooperatives in Zhangbei County as the starting point,and makes a detailed analysis from the micro level.Based on the local actual situation,aiming at the deficiencies existing in the current development of farmers' professional cooperatives,this paper puts forward feasible countermeasures to promote the healthy development of farmers' professional cooperatives from the government level and the cooperatives' own management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Specialized farmers cooperatives, Agricultural development, Agricultural industrialization, policy support
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