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Research On The Relationship Between Enterprise Knowledge Governance And Value Co-creation

Posted on:2020-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330602462153Subject:Business management
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With the application and development of Internet technology,the needs of users are becoming more and more personalized.Enterprises simply cannot rely on themselves to meet the growing needs of users.In order to obtain benefits and meet user needs,enterprises gradually adopt innovative models of value co-creation to engage users.To the company's product innovation and service innovation activities.For example,Taobao business information feedback,to promote Taobao service improvement;Haier's open community platform,allowing users to fully participate in the company's research and development process.The process of value co-creation is the process of achieving and obtaining value between both enterprises and users.In this process,the two sides engage in knowledge interaction,and the motivation of knowledge interaction comes from the application of the knowledge management mechanism of the enterprise.In the corporate community,some user companies will actively share the knowledge and ideas they have.Users will be satisfied and their needs in the process.The company will also clarify the user's needs,thus producing more products and services that meet the needs of users,and get a certain economic benefit.In the process of user enterprise participating in enterprise innovation,knowledge sharing with enterprises.Some scholars pointed out in their works that the rational use of knowledge governance mechanism can be more conducive to knowledge activities.In turn,this paper studies the relationship between knowledge governance governance,knowledge sharing and value co-creation.This paper first collects and organizes academic literature on knowledge governance,knowledge sharing and value co-creation,and proposes research hypothesis based on corporate knowledge governance.The research design section firstly determines the scale by collating the existing measurement scales with the research content,and through the questionnaire distribution and data recovery of knowledge-intensive service enterprises.The empirical analysis is mainly carried out through the operation of SPSS and AMOS software to verify whether the relationship between enterprise knowledge governance,knowledge sharing and value co-creation is established.Finally,it is concluded that:first,market-based and hierarchical knowledge governance have a positive impact on value co-creation,but the regression coefficient of social knowledge governance and value co-creation relationship verification is not significant;then,this paper verifies that knowledge sharing is the relationship between market-based knowledge governance and hierarchical knowledge governance and value co-creation,and the management implications of this paper,the research limitations of the paper,and the future research direction of knowledge governance,knowledge s?haring and value co-creation.The innovation of this paper is as follows:Firstly,through the analysis of the literature,it is found that the research on the relationship between enterprise knowledge governance and the value of enterprise and user enterprise is relatively lacking at home and abroad,and the relationship between knowledge governance and value co-creation is unclear.There are difficulties.This paper studies the value creation between enterprises and users from the perspective of knowledge governance,and reveals the knowledge logic of value creation.Then,the introduction of knowledge sharing as a mediator variable into the research of value co-creation has certain significance for understanding the mechanism of user enterprise and enterprise value co-creation.Finally,the study finds that the impact of social knowledge governance on value co-creation is not significant,revealing that social knowledge governance does not play a significant role in value co-creation,and it can be used as a reference for the way companies conduct knowledge governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Knowledge Governance, Knowledge Sharing, Value co-creation
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