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Research On The Relationship Between Rural Entrepreneurs' Opportunity Identification,Resource Patching And Social Enterprise Growth

Posted on:2021-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,our country has entered a critical period of poverty alleviation and victory over a well-off society.Rural land contains and releases a large number of entrepreneurial opportunities.Social entrepreneurs have injected endogenous power into agricultural and rural development and activated new economic momentum.Compared with urban enterprises,it is difficult for rural enterprises to overcome their weak growth.Therefore,social entrepreneurs need to have keen opportunities to identify and integrate resources.This research mainly takes the rural social entrepreneurs in the Yongtaiwen area as a research sample,and focuses on the basic question of "social entrepreneurs promote the growth of rural enterprises through opportunity identification",using rural social entrepreneurs as the starting point of the enterprise,and building "opportunities Identification-resource patchwork-business growth " theoretical framework.Based on a review of related literatures such as Timmos' entrepreneurial model,resource-based theory,and corporate growth theory,the theoretical context related to this research is sorted out,and it is considered that opportunity identification includes three aspects: sociality,profitability,and feasibility.Correspondence hypotheses are proposed in two aspects:relations and weak relations.An empirical study of models and hypotheses was conducted through a questionnaire survey of 177 rural social entrepreneurs,quantitative research methods such as descriptive statistics,factor analysis,reliability and validity tests,correlation,and multiple regression analysis.This study resulted in entrepreneurship The following conclusions between opportunity identification and corporate growth:(1)Opportunity identification has a significant positive correlation with business growth;(2)Resource patching plays an intermediary role in opportunity identification and business growth;(3)Social networks play a role in opportunity Identifying the indirect effects that influence the growth of a company through patchwork of resources has a positive regulatory effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social entrepreneurship, opportunity identification, resource patchwork, business growth, social network
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