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The role of dispositional mindfulness on occupational engagement and emotional career indecision among college students

Posted on:2012-11-05Degree:M.F.AType:Thesis
University:Southern Illinois University at CarbondaleCandidate:Zhang, QianhuiFull Text:PDF
Mindfulness, characterized with present-moment awareness, non-judgment, and non-reactivity, has demonstrated its potential in contemporary counseling psychology as a cultivatable coping mechanism for healing against negative emotions and symptomology. Researchers have identified health benefits for those who possess higher levels of this trait without practice. Limited research has explored the potential benefits of mindfulness in contributing to the cultivation of adaptive career decision-making. In particular, there is no study investigating the the role of mindfulness on college students' coping with career indecision stemming from emotional and personality concerns, or its influence on their occupational engagement. This study was a survey-based investigation of the relations among dispositional mindfulness, occupational engagement, and emotional career indecision in a diverse sample of college participants (N = 166). The results from analysis indicate that dispositional mindfulness is significantly related to emotional career indecision and occupational engagement, with multiple facets of mindfulness contributing a significant amount of variance in emotional career indecision. Future research and clinical implications are also discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Emotional career indecision, Mindfulness, Occupational engagement, College
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