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A Translation Report On Online Education:An Innovative Approach And Success In The Virtual Classroom(Excerpts)

Posted on:2022-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The source text is selected from the book “Online Education: An Innovative Approach and Success in the Virtual Classroom” by Bola Boyade,and it is selected from chapter seven to nine of the book.Published in 2020,the book mainly describes the development trend of online education.In addition,it lists some technical strategies of online education and its advantages and disadvantages as well.Meanwhile,the book highlights the online education technologies can be more efficiently and conveniently integrated into people's lives and studies.The original text is chosen from popular science books,which belongs to an informative text.The key and difficult points are the professional terms and complex sentences in it.In the translation process,the case analysis is principally based on three aspects: the textual characteristics of the source text,the analysis of the key and difficult points as well as the audience of the target language text.Meanwhile,based on the Newmark's “Communicative Translation” theory,and the three aspects of vocabulary,sentence,and text,the translator takes a comprehensive usage of translation methods and techniques such as sentence restructuring,amplification,omission,division,combination and so forth.Moreover,parallel texts are applied to obtain relevant information.Through these translation methods,the translator strives to be faithful to the original text and to make a natural and smooth target text.Through this translation practice,the translator has benefited a lot.Firstly,both English and Chinese belong to different language families,which lead to some lexical inequality and equivocation among the two languages.Therefore,the translator must determine the meaning of these words according to the specific context and combine relevant parallel texts,adopting the annotation technique to make the translation conform to the original text as much as possible.Secondly,the selected material belongs to the informative text,which aims to accurately convey the information of the source text.Hence,the diction needs to be concise and succinct,and the writing logic needs to be strict and meticulous.Finally,in terms of the purpose of translation,the translation practice can provide readers a relevant textual reference about online education,and broaden the reader's horizon.Furthermore,it has more practical significance in daily life.
Keywords/Search Tags:online education, popular science text, reinventing sentence structures, application of parallel texts
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