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Research On The Grassroots Government Function Under The Mode Of E-commerce Helping Agriculture

Posted on:2022-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Poverty has always been a major problem that my Government is committed to addressing.The influence of "e-commerce" in the fight against poverty in poor areas should not be underestimated.E-commerce sales model broke the limitations of time and space level,cracked the remote and poor areas of agricultural products and large markets,opened up the local characteristics of agricultural products sales channels,out of a single development model,to achieve the realization of agricultural products and value.With the comprehensive popularization of the Internet and the rapid development of modern information technology,"Internet plus big data" means of information and communication in the field of poverty alleviation is widely used,equipped with the government as the main body,the broad participation of all sectors of society in the pattern of poverty alleviation,to create a new model of precision poverty alleviation.2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year,not only the year of building a well-off society in an all-round way,but also the year of decisive victory in the fight against poverty,due to the outbreak of new crown pneumonia,to all people,all industries have brought a challenge and training,but also interfere with We have completed the progress of the established goals,directly affected by the outbreak is the agricultural-related areas,affected by the epidemic prevention and control,offline fresh products daily supply almost collective stop,so the e-commerce to help farmers model emerged,both to help poor areas bring purchasing power,It has also led to employment opportunities and solved the poverty problem at both ends of supply and demand.During the outbreak of agricultural products with goods phenomenon has become a trend,strong momentum,suddenly become the outbreak of the current promotion of consumption of sharp weapons,in the e-commerce industry suddenly study the function of grass-roots government under the model of e-commerce to help farmers,to optimize the public service path of the grass-roots government in the development mode of e-commerce to help farmers,to speed up the farmers in the deep poverty-stricken areas to get out of poverty and get rich,so as to realize the rural revitalization.This paper will start from different angles,the hot phenomenon of e-commerce to help farmers as the research object,combined with the current e-commerce to help farmers model of the status quo and constraints,summarized in the e-commerce to help farmers in the development model of grass-roots government functions in the process of performance of problems and reasons,through the analysis of the problem,put forward suggestions and suggestions to solve the problem.Through the research of this topic,it can be clear that e-commerce to help farmers can become a new dynamic to help rural vibration strategy,in government departments,e-commerce platform and other multi-party joint efforts to promote,it is likely to be from the outbreak of an emergency means,to help farmers to protect income and income long-term initiatives.This paper puts forward some suggestions to optimize the government function from the angle of optimizing the development environment of e-commerce to help farmers,perfecting the supporting environment of e-commerce to help farmers model,strengthening the guarantee environment of e-commerce to help farmers,and at the same time,to define the scope of the functions of grass-roots government in the process of developing e-commerce to help farmers,not only can enrich and practice the theory of poverty alleviation and development with Chinese characteristics,but also put forward the government guidance countermeasures by studying the existing problems in the development of e-commerce agricultural aid model.It is conducive to further stimulating the role of special agricultural products to get rich out of poverty and enhance the level and ability of government services.
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