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The Post-agriculture Tax Ages Public Service Oriented In The Township Government Building

Posted on:2009-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242494732Subject:Government management
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The township governments is the most basic of regime organization and is at the end of the government power transfer, which is formed transmit orders and imposture working for quite some time. As the reform of rural taxes continue, the township governments are encountering transition to the function and working, and faced the unprecedented puzzledom illogicality and conflict. A major task of reform in the Chinese village today and impersonality requirement of building a new socialist countryside are how to face directly the function puzzledom of the township governments and analyze the root of losing township function reasoningly and scientific positioning township functionsTo train the technical cadre and to build the service government were developed in total township according to transformation of the new"three agricultures"development in Qingyuan Zhejiang province, which have been developed a locally typical way to transform the township government function in the period of agricultural tax and built the service government. We have accepted the many useful revelations through the reform in the Qingyuan. To build the service government is a goal that be lodged in the theory area recently and each government, is help to continue admin reform and transform of the government function from the new view In this paper, the use of new public management theories and governance theory,Comprehensive use of theoretical analysis and case analysis of the method of combining,By analyzing the functions of the existing township problems,Analysis and the development of the situation in Qingyuan County of Zhejiang skills of a service-oriented township government building, And proceeded to put forward the agricultural tax after the age structure of the township system of governance arrangements. The reform of township system should translate the all-powerful government into the service government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented Government, Township-village government, function, construction
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