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Research On Performance Appraisal Optimization Of High Tech Zone In J City

Posted on:2022-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J MaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306608481414Subject:Enterprise Economy
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After more than 30 years of reform and development,national high-tech zones have developed into an important carrier and platform for promoting the development of high-tech industries and implementing innovative development in China,strongly supporting sustained and stable economic growth.However,problems such as insufficient development space,imperfect management system and poor operation mechanism have increasingly become prominent bottlenecks restricting the high-quality development of national high-tech zones.In order to break through this obstacle,in recent years,the State Council has issued several documents to encourage high-tech zones to strengthen reform,deepen system and mechanism reform,and further improve performance appraisal,salary distribution and other systems.As the first batch of national high-tech zones,with the strong promotion and support of provinces and cities,the high-tech zone of city J took the lead in launching the management system and mechanism reform with "expanding the zone,delegating power and invigorating" as the main line in the national high-tech zones in 2016,implemented the full employment system,reformed the performance evaluation method,and established a performance evaluation system with KPI(key performance indicators)as the core,It has achieved remarkable results,stimulated people's innovative vitality and effectively promoted the rapid development of the whole region.In 2020,according to the central,provincial and municipal requirements,the high tech Zone of J city will implement the reform again,and the departments,personnel and functions will be greatly adjusted,among which the performance appraisal involving the fundamental interests of all employees will also be optimized and adjusted.Taking the performance appraisal of high tech Zone in J City as the research object,this paper studies and analyzes the performance appraisal of high tech Zone in J City by summarizing and analyzing relevant materials,adopting the methods of questionnaire survey and personnel interview,deeply understands the current situation,achievements and existing problems of performance appraisal,and combines the experience and practices of high tech zones in other countries according to the questionnaire survey,Put forward suggestions for further optimization and improvement.Through research and analysis,it is concluded that there are four main problems in the performance appraisal of J high tech Zone:first,the decomposition,transmission and implementation of strategy are not enough.Second,the setting of assessment indicators is unscientific.Third,the assessment process is not standardized.Fourth,the application of assessment results needs to be strengthened.The main reasons for the problems are:first,the attention to performance appraisal is not high.Second,the depth of the reform of "large ministry system" is insufficient.Third,the policy publicity is not enough.Fourth,the personnel management system is not perfect.In order to put forward operational improvement measures and optimization schemes,this paper draws lessons from the beneficial experience and practices of Tianjin Binhai New Area,Chengdu high tech Zone and Ningbo high tech Zone in performance appraisal,and obtains enlightenment from the pertinence of appraisal,the connection between appraisal and personnel use,and the decomposition of appraisal indicators,It also puts forward corresponding opinions and suggestions from the aspect of optimizing performance appraisal,which is also a useful reference for other high-tech zones or government departments to better carry out performance appraisal reform in the future.
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