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A Comparative Study Of "Asia-Pacific Rebalancing Strategy" And "Indo-Pacific Strategy"

Posted on:2022-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2516306566486144Subject:International relations
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In 2009,Obama assumed the president of the United States.The vigorous development of the Asia-Pacific region and the rise of Asia-Pacific countries including China prompted the Obama administration to propose the “Asia-Pacific Rebalancing Strategy” of returning to the Asia-Pacific region.It is aimed to strengthen the influence and continue to dominant the Pacific.Eight years later,Trump succeeded Obama as the president of the United States.On the basis of the“Asia-Pacific Rebalancing Strategy”,he proposed a broader and stronger Strategy Called “Indo-Pacific Strategy” and corresponding made political,economic and military decisions.New adjustments and changes have been made to contain China's rise and maintain the regional dominance of the Indo-Pacific region.Through comparative analysis of the “Asia-Pacific Rebalancing Strategy” and the “Indo-Pacific Strategy” we can find that the two Strategies both continue the traditional geostrategic guiding ideology,and both advocate to restore the absolute advantage of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region and contain the rise of China.They also attach great importance to the regional alliance system.However,With the changes of the international political and economic situation and the impact of the change of government in the United States,The two strategies are quite different.there are specific differences between the two in terms of the specific positioning of the United States towards China,the way of regional alliances,and the importance it attaches to economy.By analyzing and comparing the differences and commonalities between the “Asia-Pacific Rebalancing Strategy” and the “Indo-Pacific Strategy”,it is helpful to grasp the development trend of the US “Indo-Pacific Strategy”.comparing the political arrangements preferred by the two US administrations,we can better understand the overall tendency of foreign strategy of the United States.In the future,Biden will succeed Obama to form a new US government.Faced with the severe trend of COVID-19 prevention and control,changes of the international system,and fluctuations in the Indo-Pacific geography,the US policy arrangements for the Indo-Pacific region will also undergo new adjustments and changes.But in any case,with the help of the regional alliance system to contain China and achieving the absolute leadership of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region remains unchanged.China-US relations have always been the most important bilateral relations for China.grasping the core features and development trends of the US Asia-Pacific strategy is crucial to China's development.Therefore,in the future,we must continue to deepen China-US economic cooperation and properly handle trade frictions;on the other hand,we must strengthen the building of multilateral mechanisms,promote the healthy and stable development of China-US relations.
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