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An Exploration Of The Obama Administration's Strategy Of Rebalancing The US Asia-Pacific Economy

Posted on:2019-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330548996761Subject:International politics
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After a decade of over expansion and the impact of the financial crisis,it is inevitable that the US became retrenchment.The rise of the emerging powers is in sharp contrast to the relative decline of the United States on both sides of the Pacific,and the security order has challenged in the Asia-Pacific region.In this background,the Obama government to adjust the strategic layout,troops out of the Middle East,reduce military presence in the overseas,at the same time will be the main strategic resources concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region,hedge against the rise of China,in an effort to maintain the dominant position in the international system strategic objectives.The Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy is the core of the Obama government's foreign strategy,"Pivot to Asia" is using the chance of retrenchment,make the domestic economy gets rest,but the basic needs for key interests have not been abandoned.The Asia-Pacific region is the concentrated region of emerging economies and the driving force for global economic growth.So the Obama administration is trying to revive the domestic economy with the help of the Asia-pacific market;trying to win over new and old allies to ensure America's Asia-Pacific attributes;trying to counterbalance emerging economies such as China and maintain America's economic dominance.The Obama government's strategy for the Asia-Pacific rebalancing has been combined politics and economics,and during his second term in office,it has increased strategic spending on the economy and focused more on the construction of "rules".The Obama government's focus on the Asia-Pacific region is aimed at changing the image of the United States,winning time and space to recovered domestic economic.Although the economic rebalancing strategy of the Obama government is a positive strategic adjustment,the strategic advance of the Obama government has also encountered considerable questioned and challenges,and has not achieved the expected sake from it.The "polarization"phenomenon and social "split" phenomenon were aggravated the domestic political environment,and the domestic economy has not warm.And the Obama government's strategic shift has added to the uncertainty about the relationship between China and the United States.It also allows the Allies to gain their own strategic appeal through American's safe shelter.Meanwhile,the fluctuation of regional security situation has been intensified.American's economic engagement has impacted the existing economic cooperation organizations in the region,and changed the existing benefits pattern.
Keywords/Search Tags:Pivot to Asia, Economic rebalancing, Asia-Pacific region, Interest demands, China-US relationship
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