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Research On The Construction Of Rural Grass-roots Cadres In The Context Of Rural Revitalization

Posted on:2022-11-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2516306764950109Subject:Agriculture Economy
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Rural revitalization is a national strategy,and doing a good job in the "three rural" work requires the aggregation of various forces,of which strengthening the role of rural grassroots cadres is an important aspect."The foundation is not firm,and the ground is shaking." "Grassroots governance is the cornerstone of national governance." Rural grassroots cadres play a unique role in rural governance.They are not only the link between the party and the government to connect the masses of farmers,but also the "leader" who leads villagers' self-governance.Rural grassroots cadres are the organizers,promoters and practitioners of the implementation of the principles and policies formulated by the party and the state at the grassroots level.Rural grassroots cadres are the fighting fortresses of the party and the state in rural grassroots governance.They are responsible for promoting high-quality rural development and promoting rural development.The important responsibility of social harmony and stability,serving the masses wholeheartedly,and shouldering the important responsibility and glorious mission of realizing rural modernization.Comrade Mao Zedong said: "After the political line is determined,the cadres are the decisive factor." The quality of rural grassroots cadre building directly affects the implementation of the party's line,principles and policies in rural areas.Therefore,through the research on the construction of rural grass-roots cadres under the background of the rural revitalization strategy,the rural grass-roots cadres can play the role of "leaders" in the process of rural modernization.The main content of this paper is divided into four parts: First,based on the perspective of implementing the rural revitalization strategy,from the perspective of having firm political beliefs,having certain theoretical literacy,being familiar with the Party's rural policies,having strong working ability,and having a civilized fashion in the new era.In several respects,new requirements for rural grass-roots cadres were put forward.Secondly,through the analysis,thinking and induction of a large number of documents,cases and other materials,from the perspective of the current needs of rural work tasks and the current situation of rural grass-roots cadres,it points out that the construction of rural grass-roots cadres has insufficient work,low work efficiency,and richness.Lack of ideas,etc.Thirdly,through sorting out and analysis,it is believed that the main reasons for these problems are: the construction of the rural grassroots cadres is not in-depth,the working ability of rural grassroots cadres is not high,and the work style of rural grassroots cadres is not realistic.Finally,starting from the gap between the construction quality of rural grassroots cadres and the requirements of rural revitalization strategy for rural grassroots cadres,four main solutions are put forward: further strengthen ideological and political construction,consolidate the fundamental guarantee of rural revitalization;continuously improve the ability and quality,to ensure the steady progress of grass-roots construction;continue to promote the construction of work style,create a good environment for officers to start their own businesses;strive to cultivate follow-up forces and lay the foundation for long-term rural development.Therefore,the cadres at the grass-roots level in rural areas can meet the requirements of the rural revitalization strategy,play the role of a battle fortress in promoting the rural revitalization strategy,and promote the process of rural modernization.
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