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The Development And Enlightenment Of Leisure Cycling In Taiwan

Posted on:2021-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306035999649Subject:Humanities and sociology
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With the development of society,individuals have gradually started to pursue physical and mental health and leisure and entertainment after meeting material needs.Leisure time has become an important part of people's lives.Bicycles are no longer a simple means of transportation,and their role has changed significantly.People not only use bicycles as a means of transportation and transportation,but are closely related to the concepts of environmental protection,leisure,and sports,which has accelerated the development of leisure bicycle sports,making them show the fitness,low-carbon and environmental protection.,The characteristics of entertainment and tourism integration.After many years of development,recreational bicycles in Taiwan areahave been greatly developed,but there are still some shortcomings.This article makes in-depth research on the recreational bicycle sports in Taiwanarea from the related policies,development scale,participation level,infrastructure and security system,and its industrial chain,etc.,analyzes the current situation,finds deficiencies,and summarizes experiences,with a view to making more progress in mainland China.Providing a good reference for the development of recreational bicycles has important theoretical and practical significance.The research methods used in this paper are:literature data method,logic analysis method,expert interview method and field investigation method.Through research,the following main conclusions are drawn:(1)The advantages of developing recreational bicycles in Taiwanarea are obvious,which are mainly manifested in:rich resources,pleasant and travel;a rich culture,friendly people;easy access to transportation,convenient transportation;green sports,popular support.(2)From the perspective of development,with the promotion of the Taiwan authorities and the people,the recreational cycling in Taiwan areahas made great progress.1)Relevant policies are gradually improved.The Taiwan authorities have adopted a proactive policy to increase support for recreational cycling.Policy support mainly includes:vigorously creating a road network of recreational bicycles,constructing a large environment to promote the development of recreational bicycles,supporting non-governmental organizations and enterprises to participate in recreational bicycles-related supplies,etc.2)The scale of development continues to grow.The main performances are:the popularity of bicycles is getting higher and higher,leisure bicycle sports have become a popular trend,and leisure bicycle sports education activities are colorful.3)The level of participation is increasing.The main performances are as follows:the participating population is gradually widening,mainly for leisure sports purposes,and there are large regional differences in the number,frequency and frequency of rides.4)The infrastructure is gradually improved.The main performances are:the construction of bicycle lanes in series,the "Iron Horse Station" provides convenience,24-hour convenience stores are waiting around the clock,barrier-free facilities are full of human care,and the bicycle parking system is convenient and intelligent.5)The security system has taken shape.The main performances are:a combination of soft and hard policies,a high-quality service system,comprehensive safety guarantees,multi-layered laws and regulations,and other sound protection systems to ensure the smooth development of leisure bicycles.6)The industrial chain has huge potential.The main performances are:the bicycle industry has formed a complete industrial chain system of upstream,midstream and downstream,its manufacturing industry is booming,consumption is increasing,bicycle tourism is popular,and the derivatives market is also expanding.(3)There are also some problems and constraints in the development of recreational cycling in Taiwan area.The main problems are:inadequate cross-regional integration and management of county and city governments;policy support needs to be improved;there are still hidden safety hazards in cycling;and infrastructure remains There is room for improvement.(4)Aiming at the advantages and disadvantages of the development of recreational cycling in Taiwan area,and combining with the actual conditions of the mainland,the following enlightenment is drawn to promote the development of recreational cycling in the mainland:perfecting the security system and promoting sustainable development;science Planning and implementation,practically promoting the construction of service system;strengthening the supply of safety measures to protect the personal safety of cyclists;improving laws and regulations,strengthening market supervision;accelerating the integration of business formats,and creating a leisure bicycle sports industry chain.
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