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Research On The Workload Of Teachers In Private Primary Schools And Countermeasures For Improvement ——Take A Private School In Guangzhou As An Example

Posted on:2022-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306491968349Subject:Education Management
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Teachers in private primary schools play a key role in promoting the development of basic education.However,few people concern and deeply understand the group of private primary school teachers.Referring to the workload of teachers,we can find that the research objects are basically primary and secondary school teachers in public schools.Therefore,this study changes the perspective,takes private primary school teachers as a new breakthrough point,takes a private school in Guangzhou as an example,and uses questionnaires and interviews to obtain the current situation of the workload faced by private primary school teachers,analyzes reasons,and puts forward effective countermeasures to reduce the workload of teachers.The survey focuses on four aspects of teachers' work,namely,daily teaching work,student management and home-school communication,headteacher work and administrative work.The survey found that teachers need to spend more time and energy preparing lessons and correcting homework besides teaching;In student management and home-school communication,students combine their physical and mental development characteristics,and there are some problems such as difficult management and poor self-discipline.Some parents can't actively cooperate with and support teachers,which affects their smooth work;The headteacher's work often needs extra overtime to balance his work;There are some problems in administrative work,such as formalization,necessity and appropriateness of meetings and training.Combined with the survey results,it is concluded that the problems of teachers' workload in private primary schools mainly include long working hours,heavy workload and heavy psychological burden.According to the current situation of teachers' workload,this paper makes an in-depth analysis to find out the reasons.At the level of government and society,the social concept of going to higher school leads high expectations of teachers and lacks effective policy support for private teachers;The assessment and evaluation mechanism at the school level are not comprehensive,the formalization trend of resource allocation and management;Parents can't cooperate and understand,and student management is complicated and difficult;Teachers' roles are overloaded,their abilities are insufficient and their self-adjustment is poor.Combined with the analysis of causes,at the part of government and society,we should improve educational policies and regulations,actively guide public opinions,and enhance the sense of belonging and social support of private teachers;at the part of school,build a management team oriented by teachers' needs,establish a developmental evaluation system,and balance teaching and non-teaching work;At the family level,parents actively cooperate,teach by words and deeds,and cultivate children's good behavior habits;Teachers improve themselves,strive to improve their professional quality,correct their mentality,and treat correctly between competition and cooperation.
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