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An Experimental Study Of Autonomic Motivation On Junior High School Students' Physical Exercise Behavior Under The Background Of Campus Football

Posted on:2022-08-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306500955129Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Campus football is an important part of China's football development strategy,and it is also the forerunner of other sports into the campus.Since the development of campus football activities,the Ministry of Education attaches great importance to and has issued a series of policy support.It is required to improve the popularization level of campus football,deepen the reform of football teaching,and make teenagers enjoy sports,strengthen their physique,improve their personality and temper their will.However,with the deepening of the reform of school physical education,the problems existed in teaching for a long time and disadvantages are also apparent,especially teaching still is given priority to with conventional teaching methods,teaching means to form a single,lack of interest,and mainly dominated by teachers,students passive participation,causes students to exercise motivation is not strong,lack of physical exercise.In the face of these problems,the first thing we need to solve is how to innovate teaching methods and means,improve students' interest in learning,stimulate their initiative in learning,enable students to study independently in a good atmosphere,improve their football ability,and form good physical exercise behavior.This study starts with how to improve students' motivation of autonomy,through the creation of self-supporting teaching environment,to meet the students' three basic psychological needs of sense of competence,sense of autonomy,sense of relationship,improve students' autonomy,and then improve students' physical exercise behavior.To guide and maintain students to participate in physical exercise for a long time,so that students can achieve healthy growth and self-realization.Using literature,questionnaire,experiment,mathematical statistics and other research methods,this paper conducts an experimental study on the influence of autonomous motivation on junior high school students' physical exercise behavior under the background of campus football.The research conclusions are as follows.1.To create a teaching situation that supports autonomy and promotes the satisfaction of students' basic psychological needs.It is mainly reflected in the students' enthusiasm to participate in the class,the sense of competence in learning,the sense of belonging to get along with classmates and the improvement of the sense of autonomy in the learning process.Therefore,the satisfaction degree of students' psychological needs under the condition of independent learning is better than that of traditional physical education.2.By creating a teaching situation that supports autonomy,students' motivation of autonomy is significantly improved,students are more inclined to be driven by themselves in learning,and students are more likely to feel that their behavior is self-determined.Through the satisfaction of internal psychological needs,students' motivation of autonomy is significantly improved.3.By cultivating students' motivation of autonomy,students' skill level can be significantly improved.Compared with the traditional physical education teaching,students are more active and independent in each stage of the formation of skills,giving play to their own subjective initiative,and the improvement of students' autonomy promotes the improvement of skills.4.The improvement of autonomy motivation can improve students' physical exercise behavior,which is mainly reflected in the improvement of students' exercise frequency,exercise time and exercise intensity.When there is intrinsic motivation to exercise and the value of exercise is recognized,physical exercise behavior will be enhanced.5.The enhancement of students' autonomy motivation can improve their physical health level to some extent.The study showed that the physical fitness test indexes were improved but the difference was not obvious.According to the analysis,the change of human body constitution is not overnight,and it needs to follow the rules of adolescent physical and mental development.Only through long-term change can students' physical level be improved from the aspects of body form,body function and physical quality.
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